Cincy Girls Like Fashion Too


Fashion is the one industry where name-dropping is totally acceptable. The problem is, in the mist of name dropping you can miss out on some fabulous designers. Iris Van Herpen may not immediately ring a bell but you may be more familiar with her work than you are giving yourself credit for. Iris Van Herpen has designed incredible creations for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Bjork.  Continue reading

Girl Put Your Records On… Or Playlist


Little know fact, I actually studied broadcasting in high school.  Radio and television to be more specific. I wanted to be Matt Pinfield from MTV in high school, you know only Black and well, a girl. Matt Pinfield hosted Head Bangers Ball but he had a vast knowledge of every genre of music.  He was like a human encyclopedia. I may have waited a little too long because Quest Love has rightfully claimed the thrown. My days of spinning records on 88.3 (did you think I was kidding?)  have come and gone but I still love music. Music is influential to my life. It influences my mood and my style. Yes, music influences my STYLE. Continue reading

I am Not a Milkshake. I am a Malt!


If you don’t feel like explaining your current state of grown ass woman you can always let your t-shirt do the talking. Earlier this week (here) I talked all about how I discovered that t-shirts are a form of self-expression. My “Malt” tee (I am wearing the 2X and it goes up to 4X find it here and here) is expressing acceptance of my mind and my body because not only is my body thick but so is my womanhood. Get your life!! Continue reading

We Are Rooting For #blackgirlfriendships


As a girl of a certain size, I often feel frumpy in a t-shirt and jeans. So for a long time t-shirts have not been a big part of my wardrobe. This past summer I went to a t-shirt party with my best friend and the party was packed. I looked around the room and saw people of all shapes and sizes rocking their shirts. I realized that people like t-shirts. Duh, right? More than that people see t-shirts as a moment of self-expression. You can speak your mind, pledge your allegiance, or rep your squad on the front of your shirt. Continue reading

A Girl Can Dream | Closet Inspiration

Untitled design (2)As I begin to prepare my closet for fall fashion I am starting to feel like I have more fashion than closet. I have talked about organizing your small closet but if only there was more space! As I brainstormed on creative ways to increase closet space I daydreamed of what my closet would look like if money were no object and square footage was not an issue. I find that daydream often lead me to come up with real-life solutions. Hopefully, my mood board will inspire you to get creative and upgrade your closet too. Continue reading

Fall Hairstyle Guide



Hair is a big deal. I recently went natural about two years ago and the struggle is real. Keeping my hair in a protective style is essential to hair growth and manageability. I’m always searching for hairspiration. Working in an office I always need a style that is work appropriate, stylish, and current.  I wanted to share my fall hair-spiration with my readers. Who knows maybe it will be just what you need to update your fall style.

These are my top three styles to try this fall Continue reading

Grand Opening of Eloquii Easton Mall


I often suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). I just can’t be everywhere when I found out that Eloquii was opening a store in Chicago I settled for watching all of my blogger friends enjoy the grand opening. When I found out that Eloquii was opening a pop-up shop at Easton Mall in Columbus, Ohio (2 hours away)  I got in the car and headed up the road. I didn’t miss out two times in a row. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Give A F$@#k What You Think About My Body


My body is not here to meet your expectations

My body thinks that 36, 26. 36 is the combination to a lock and not a prerequisite to qualify for beauty

Excerpt from the poem, My Body – Laura Wize ©2017

I can’t possibly give one real f#$k about what people think about my body.  I’m too busy trying to create new norms. When ever my daughter comes into my bedroom unannounced while I am changing, she has to let me know, “mom you have a FUPA!” First I had to ask, “what is a FUPA?” (It didn’t take me long to realize she was talking about my stomach). We both get a good laugh in and then I remind her that my body is just as beautiful as hers. Anytime my daughter makes a statement about my FUPA I tell her straight up you know what say about my body isn’t actually affecting me. At 15, I can never truly tell what is penetrating her psyche but I do hope my body acceptance is rubbing off on her.

My body commands respect

My body should never be neglected

My body is the carrier of a beautiful soul, deep intelligence, and opinions

My body is filled with laughter, love, and soul food recipes

Excerpt from the poem, My Body – Laura Wize ©2017


I was skinny as a teenager and it was awesome! When I was skinny I remember people ridiculing me about having chicken legs, about how high my butt is, and just anything.  As I got older I gained weight, then started the questions. You gaining weight are you pregnant? You gained some weight, too much ice cream? Even now I still get scolded for being on the small end of the plus size spectrum when people tell me you’re not really fat. People will make observations, that is what people do. I learned to stop allowing it to bother me.

I am human. I have days where I feel like I need improvement. I know when it’s time to get the salad and not the burger. When it’s time to work out and when I just could flat out careless. My body and I are in a relationship. When you are in a long term relationship you don’t “like” that person every second of the day but you’ve made a commitment to stand by them regardless. I try to give my body everything that it wants water, food, crop tops, and the occasional high waisted bikini. If someone has a problem with me or my body it’s us against them. Accepting my own body has helped me to be an advocate for all women’s bodies.

My body is made for couture but will slay in ready to wear

My body is rocking this sun dress, crop top, short skirt, leggings, boyfriend tee

My body is the reflection of both of my grandmothers, mama, and daddy

My body shows traits of my family tree

Long legs, round stomach, narrow hips, booty so high I could sit on a telephone pole without reaching

Excerpt from the poem, My Body – Laura Wize ©2017


Ultimately you have to decide when you are comfortable and when you are uncomfortable with the way you look. The choice is not up to some asshole who makes a crude comment. A man made a comment about the way my body is shaped recently and I laughed it off because if the best he could do was talk about my shape, he’s lame. Body acceptance, body positivity, and confidence aren’t magical tricks. I’m not pulling these terms out of a hat and applying them as needed. I embrace them deep within my own mind as tools to better love myself so when some asshole speaks out of a place of malice about my body I can truly not give one flying f&%k!

My body is

A non negotiable term

And you will accept it in all of it’s forms

My body is a rebel

And does not need to conform to what’s attractive this week

Desirable body traits change like phases of the moon and I have come to accept mine

In it’s natural shape

In all of it’s glory

This is my body’s story

Read it and weap

Excerpt from the poem, My Body – Laura Wize ©2017

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What You Won’t Know About #TCFStyleExpo Unless You Go


This past weekend, I took a road trip to Atlanta to make my way to The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo. I had my set expectations for shopping and getting to meet a few of my blogger boos in person. My expectations were exceeded from the moment I stepped into the Cobb Galeria Center! I admit in person networking is not my strong suit I’d much rather send an email but every woman in the room was beautifully adorned, warm, and friendly. It was like I stepped into a room full of old friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.


I was consumed with good vibes when I realized that I had never been around so many women who were this comfortable being plus size. If not fully comfortable they were in search of acceptance of their bodies in their current state. Not settling and thinking of themselves as less than. All of the workshops and panels had deeper meanings these sessions didn’t pose answers but an open dialogue was openly discussed on what it means to have style while being a plus size consumer, body image, and even shapewear vs. au naturel.

Loving Your Body Is Continuous Journey


Body acceptance is a continuous journey for all of us. It’s so easy to see someone else’s body, outfit, or life and think they have it better. I got to hear so many women’s personal stories about their style and no two were the same. From women who have been the chunky girl their whole lives or the women who grew into being more curvaceous over time we all have moments of insecurity and it’s ok. These moments took the expo beyond just a chance to shop and became a space for us to see style as a form of self-care.

Major Slayage

Honey this ain’t your average slay! I was so inspired to see what women were wearing and how they styled themselves. I was a kid in a candy store. Most of all everyone carried themselves with such confidence and joy. I could hardly keep my giddiness under wraps! I know I plan on taking some styling cues from these ladies.





Big & Tall Fashion Is On The Rise

I sat in on a panel about men’s big and tall fashion and I was so enlightened when I heard their stories. How they have been under served and had no platform to speak about their issues. Hearing things from their side really opened my eyes to understand that size issues expand past women and the men need attention too. I mean I’m not opposed to a big, tall, handsome guy being just as fly as me. ( Call Me!)


Honestly, there was so much to take in at the TCF Style Expo that it’s hard to fit it all in this post. Just know that I will there 2018 because I had the time of my life. It’s truly an experience that every curvy girl needs it’s more than just shopping it’s a celebration.


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Blogpression, It’s a Real Thing!


I’ve been quiet on my blog lately. Sometimes you have to take a break before you breakdown and I did just that. It started unintentionally I just wanted to celebrate my birthday without documenting it. I wanted to be “in the moment”. My birthday festivities had come and gone and I just could not get myself back into work mode. Blogging at times can become exhausting even when you love it. You develop a thick skin blogging but when you put a lot of work into something and you don’t get your desired results it can become emotionally draining.

When I get tired, frustrated, and just downright irritated by my blog I call it blogpression. All of the creative energy that is required to create content, share it, and try to achieve even a marginal level of success can get you down. It’s like giving birth to a baby every week. After you’ve loved and nurtured your baby people didn’t even read your baby. All the emotions that you feel after every post feel a like postpartum depression. I get restless and my thought rapidly going over how I could have made the post better and how I could attract more people. With all of the high-quality content that is available online, I wondered if I will  I ever measure up.



All the pressure, excitement, and sadness swing like a pendulum and after a while I get sad because I haven’t stayed true to my posting schedule, which I had just gotten the hang of! My hard work, time, money, and energy is going down the drain every week. I needed to get back on the horse but I was thigh deep in my pity party and it kept sucking me in like quicksand. I sat down and gathered my concerns.

  • I wondered how can I get back to work when I’m creatively exhausted?
  • How can I make my blog better?
  • How can I empower women? For real!
  • If I address issues that deal with being a Black woman in America does that isolate readers who aren’t Black?
  • Do I care if I lose those readers?

I decided to get a hold of my emotions. My personal business motto is, don’t complain get better. I heeded my own advice. It was time to dust myself off because wallowing in self-doubt is unproductive and besides I was getting on my own nerves.

I began to analyze my perspective to ensure that I am producing a product that I am happy with. Why did I even start this blog? How can I overcome all the things I wish I knew before I started blogging? Blogging hasn’t done anything to me personally I just need to shake off this blogpression and refocus my energy on making sure that my message is clear to the people I am targeting.

I can’t do and be everything and neither can my blog. I created this space because I wanted to create the dialog with real women who live real lives.  Honestly, I did create this space for black women who don’t get to see themselves enough. Women who shop at Target, read Iyanla Vanzant, and occasionally listen to Trap music. (It can’t just be me) A place where you can just BE! Where you can like Sex and the City and Living Single, with no side eye.  If I can’t just BE on my own platform where can I?

Overcoming the ‘pression! I’m reading a few new books to get motivated to move past think blog-funkery and into new territory! I am about half way through my summer reading and I highly recommend these books for motivation!

Platform by Michael Hyatt is amazing! This book delivers on so many levels I would recommend this book for anyone who has to market themselves or a product. Self-management is a big part of blogging so this book is helping me think about how to make the most of my space on the internet. It’s also helping me focus and reorganize my thoughts about how I post so I feel less pressure from blog world as a whole. It’s also a resource guide because Michael shares all of the tools, books, and other sage advice that has aided his own success. Stop what you’re doing and read it.

Nothing wrong with a little online etiquette. Aliza Licht gives you the 411 on how to get your foot into the door from where ever you are in life. This book is a little fashion focused I mean her Twitter handle is @DKNYPRGIRL so it should be self-explanatory. Getting brands interested in your blog is awesome but how do you communicate with the people in public relations? This book gives great examples of how and when to communicate with professionals online so that you don’t make a fool of yourself when it really counts.

The reality is that you could have a great message and communicate it badly. We all need a refresher course in the way people are wired. What attracts people to some things and not others. This book breaks down the science of marketing in a way that helps you to see where you need to make adjustments. Nothing beats science, right?


I think all bloggers get blogpression, it’s a real thing. You just have to take a step back and remember why you even got started so you don’t lose sight of your overall goal. Bloggers have to stop being so hard on themselves if they don’t go viral every post we make.  It’s too much pressure to be a sensation every time because inevitably Instagram will change the algorithm, Google will change page rankings, and Facebook will never be helpful unless you pay them and sometimes not even then! It’s just the natural rhythm of life you win some you loose some but you keep playing the game.

To all of my fellow bloggers are you suffering too? Blogging is awesome but making everything look good can take a toll on you after a while. How do you deal with your own blogpression?

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