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I’ve been rocking protective styles for about 3 1/2 years to ease the transition of growing out my hair. Growing out my relaxer wasn’t intentional it just sort of happened (with the strong encouragement of my hairstylist.) This summer I got obsessed with achieving the perfect wash n go, twist out, and roller set. I got so many questions about my hair on social media that I decided I would share a few of my product and hair tool favorites.

Detangle and Make It Count


Detangling is an essential step if you want to achieve any textured style because it reduces frizz (well at least for my hair texture anyway). It also helps you to maintain a style. I detangle during the pre-shampoo, shampoo, deep conditioning phase, as well as during styling. I love detangling my hair with the ultra smooth detangling comb by Cricket  this comb is infused with coconut oil. Which sounds ridiculous, I know, but I detangled with it once and refuse to use another comb to detangle with any other comb when my hair is wet.

Every hair blogger on YouTube will tell you that you need a Denmen detangling brush and they’re accurate, it an essential. I also like applying curling puddings, creams, and leave in products with this duo multi-use detangling comb from Hot Tools. 

Look you don’t need all of the detangling tools. Most of my tools were purchased under trial and error. I like using different tools for different things. Use what you have until you want to try something else just don’t skip thoroughly detangling.

Pre-Poo, Thermal Protection… For What?


When I say I was not here for pre-shampoo I mean it! For what? I didn’t understand the big deal about doing anything to my hair before shampooing. Well, I have been proven wrong, once again in life, I was dead wrong. The added moisture is key for improving elasticity which is your hair’s ability to stretch without breaking.

Who knew shrinkage is good for you? Thermal Wonder by Kera Care is of GOD, do you hear me! It’s a pre-shampoo treatment that is packed full of ingredients that help your hair during a blowout. (My blowout lasted a full three days in the summer heat. I just need  fall temps to cool down for real) In all honesty, I use this pre-poo even if I don’t plan on straightening my hair because it melts tangles away.  The whole Thermal Wonder line is the bomb!! You may want to add it your collection if you’re a straight-natural.

Since we are on the subject of thermal protection diffusing your hair with a blow dryer is not direct heat so there is no risk of heat damage. I still like to add some protection before drying my hair. Chi Keratin Silk Infusion gives my hair shine and protection from heat tools. Just keep in mind a little goes a long way which makes up for the fact that it is on the pricer side. If you’re a smart shopper you can often find it at TJ Maxx.

Word to the wise diffusing always gives me the full fro volume that I personally love.

The Big “O” (The L.O.C. Method)


I get confused when it comes to which oil has what properties and which ones work for my hair.  I like a product that did all of the guesswork for me, Mielle’s  Mongongo Oil Pomade to Oil is perfect on wet or dry hair I apply it to my hair after I spray my hair with leave in conditioner.

It initially looks like a thick pomade but after you rub the formula in your palms it transforms into a silky oil. It leaves my hair soft and shiny for several days after wash day.

Don’t Get it Twisted .. or Do



I now know why none of my previous twist outs never reached their full potential. I never used a product that was for twist outs. I used curl cream, hair milk, curl gels none of the products ever promised me a moisturized twist set.

After I bought Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter I had an ah-ha moment. Duh, I was judging products effectiveness on promises they never claimed they could deliver. After I wash and condition my hair I don’t need much more than this creamy twisting butter that smells like vanilla frosting.

Lots of Wash but Not So Much Go


I thought that I didn’t like wash n go styles. I just felt like I didn’t have the hair texture that would allow me to just wash and well go. Here’s the deal if you just transitioned or just started rocking your natural texture after months of protective styles you may not be familiar with your curl pattern yet. It’s ok just keep going it gets better but you may want to work with your hair a little more.

I have finally found a product that gives me the best curl definition Aphogee’s Curl Definer . It plays no games. I used it in the C step of the L.O.C. method (Leave in Conditioner, Oil, Curl Cream). Not only do I get definition but the curls last for days.

Like I said lots of trial and error. The more I style my hair the more fun I have with it but you’re talking to a dork who actually enjoys wash day. If you want to get technical I can’t tell you what hair type I am nor do I care. I just use what works for me and watch lots of YouTube.  So you’ve had fair warning.

I’m always searching for the perfect products.  I am a product juinkie if you can’t tell. What hair care items are you digging?

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