Is “Confident” the New Codeword For Fat?

I’m not sure if I’m paranoid or if I have yet to master the art of accepting a compliment. I have this sneaking suspicion that confidence is a code. A disguise lingering in the comments section lurking under “WERK” and the handclap emojis praising your latest Fashion Nova Curve purchase. Up until recently, I was willing to dismiss comments like “I wish I had that kind of confidence”, as innocent, but not all praises of confidence are created equal.

Is "Confidence" the New Codeword for Fat?

I’m not sure if I’m paranoid or if I have yet to master the art of accepting a compliment. I have this sneaking suspicion that confidence is a code. A disguise lingering in the comments section lurking under “WERK” and the handclap emojis praising your latest Fashion Nova Curve purchase. Up until recently, I was willing to dismiss comments like “I wish I had that kind of confidence”, as innocent, but not all praises of confidence are created equal.


I stumbled across a video of The Alabama Honey Beez drill team that my friend shared on social media.  Her caption read “These girls are getting it!” It immediately made me stop and watch it. I was filled with excitement and envy because I wish so badly that had some rhythm. When I noticed the caption from the original source of the shared video it read “I wish I was this confident.”


I didn’t want to take a defensive stance but there lies a certain level of truth in any initial reaction. It made me ask myself “What is so confident about a dance team?”  Who would voluntarily try out to be on a dance team if they couldn’t, well, dance? Is ability, skill and practice confidence or talent? The vibe that I caught from the caption that offered a proclamation of confidence was shady!

Shady in the sense that someone would make the assumption that big girls can’t dance. As if, they were saying if I was that big I wouldn’t be dancing let alone be on a dance team. Like this group of talented women need some proverbial confidence cookie. This video is not the only time I see confidence being used as code for “Oh look at you. You’re fat but look at you trying”. I always want to reply to “confident” comments with “take your confidence and….” (you know the rest)

Target Who, What, Wear Wrap Top

People are quick to say things like “I admire your confidence” after you post a picture of yourself on vacation in a bathing suit. What’s so confident about swimming on vacation? Please tell me. I think a lot of this confidence is people just doing what they genuinely want to do and it doesn’t make them any more confident than the next person. Fulfilling a desire to do anything isn’t confidence. Confidence is firm trust and you don’t have to trust anything to do what you want to do. I often want french fries from Mc Donald’s. I don’t trust Mc Donald’s I just like french fries regardless of the lingering consequences.

As a blogger, I experience blatant misuse of the word confidence all the time. People admire my confidence to have style or wear a bodycon dress. I know some people genuinely do lack confidence for their own personal reasons but when people say I admire your confidence to my face with a twisted mouth and tone riddled with pity, I know what they mean. I’ll pass on their confidence cookies. I’d rather eat Mc Donald’s, it’s less toxic.

body positive blogger

Like I said, this could all be just my imagination running away with me, but I don’t think it is. Your mother told you if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Most people translate that into if you don’t have anything nice to say find a way to rephrase it so you can still say something mean. If you have experienced the tail end of unwarranted “confidence” just remember your living your best life. Well if your best life is eating secret fries maybe not but at least you’re doing what you want to do!

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A Seat At The Desirable Table


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This Seat is Taken

Have a seat. I saved a seat at the desirable woman table just for you. I believe there is a common misconception in the mindset of women that you have to earn desirability. That you have to be a certain size, have the right shape and anything deemed normal or average is not worthy of being celebrated. I feel like I am in good company when I say that I am an everyday woman. I don’t think anything separates me from any other woman because we are more alike than we are different. The more I write about body positivity and body acceptance I am learning that you can accept your body without celebrating it.

When my good friend Amanda, owner of Dayton Boudoir, said that she was interested in shooting some boudoir looks with a curvier client I jumped at the opportunity. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show and prove that desirability is a state of mind and not a state of being  Taking time out of your busy schedule to get back in touch with what makes you feel attractive can be deemed frivolous but many of us feel a sense of loss when we can’t care for ourselves.

Self Care

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The best part about working with Dayton Boudoir is that Amanda is not just there to take a picture. She is concerned with your entire experience and it creates a pampering spa-like feeling with professional makeup and hair styling included with your session.Before our session, Amanda asked me about what looks I wanted to create and we collaborated on a Pinterest board to share ideas on looks for my shoot. She even sent me a survey to get a feel of what I would feel comfortable with on the day of the session. Anyone can take a picture but Amanda consults with you to ensure she captures women of various shapes and sizes at their best.

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Grading On A Curve | How To Select The Best Lingerie

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The first thing you want to do is consider what are your favorite features of your body. This is not a time to be vigilant, worried and mean to yourself. Get in a positive thinking space and think about what features you love to showcase when you go out. Once you know what you want to highlight you can then begin to consider pieces.(find my red bra and panty set here)

If you like your legs

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If you’ve got legs for days the best way to play them up is with great shoes. A great pair of heels makes your legs look even longer and if the shoe has playful elements like lace up straps or intricate details around your ankle it will draw even more attention to your legs. Be sure to pick shorter pieces.  You can wear a great bra and panty set under a men’s button down shirt that is long enough to cover your bottom and hits you mid thigh in the front. You can also belt the shirt to create a waist. Just be sure the shirt is free of wrinkles and is a little over-sized.

If you like your decolletage (cleavage)


Take the time to get fitted to make sure you’re purchasing the right size bra. A great fitting bra is a foundation to showcasing your beautiful decolletage. I found bras with super sexy details at Torrid. Another trick is if you find a super sexy bralette that doesn’t have an underwire wear your strapless bra underneath for additional support.  If you’ve found a sexy teddy and you feel comfortable with going braless purchase some pasties the same color as your lingerie or flesh tone pasties if you can find them. I found great pasties on Amazon.

If you like your backsideblogpost-0009.jpg

So this isn’t my favorite feature on my body but if you have sexy hips showcase them with figure-hugging corsets. Be sure to update your underwear drawer with panties with strappy details.Bring some longer length necklaces and wear them backward and let the necklace dangle down your back to draw the eye down.

If you’re concerned about your midsection (aka your tummy)


Amanda with Dayton Boudoir is a pro with posing for photos to get your best angle. If you’re concerned about styling options and your tummy no worries.  Robes and jackets are your friend. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box.  A light longline duster or your favorite leather jacket can work styling wonders. In the picture above it looks like I’m wearing a robe but it’s actually a kimono I found at H&M (see Forever 21+ Kimono here).

Don’t categorize yourself as unworthy or undesirable because you’re not your goal weight or you think you don’t meet social body standards. Desire is a “wanting” or mystery. The mystery is not about traveling to new places or being something that you are not, but looking with new eyes. Amanda with Dayton Boudoir has the artistic eye that will capture you at your most desirable.  If you got engaged over the holidays a boudoir session would be a wonderful groom’s gift on the night of your wedding. I think this form of art is for all women and not just for the romantically attached. When I showed my mom my pictures she said that she wished she had done this in her thirties. When I’m 80 I will be able to look back at myself and say with certainty that, “I had it going on!”


Be sure to book your session now with Dayton Boudoir (937) 938-8923 or on Facebook

$325 Valentine’s Day Special

* 1 hour photoshoot with professional hair & makeup

* 2 outfits & just sheets look

* LIttle Black Book with up to 15 images

* digital version of album images with reproduction release

* Custom Valentine for your someone special * payment plans & gift certificates available


I know glamorous self-care can seem frivolous or even like something you don’t have time to invest in. In a society that is constantly making women feel like they don’t measure up and that they have to supersede an unrealistic beauty standard, boudoir cuts through the noise. You’ll see yourself in your best light and desirable. This will create a ripple effect into knowing your beauty has a place in this world.

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3 Chic & Easy Thanksgiving Looks

Ah, Thanksgiving the food, the family, that comment your extended family member didn’t have to say to your face. Who’s not excited? Whether you are hosting or being hosted this Thanksgiving you want to look good (can’t let your sister in law catch you slipping) but still be very comfortable. I’ve got three looks that are chic and easy to wear so whether you will be in the kitchen or in the den watching football you’ll be cute and comfy.

Leather Lumberjack

Do families still dress up for dinner like in Lifetime Thanksgiving movie specials? If your family still dresses up please invite me over next Thanksgiving. I love the idea of playing with juxtaposition and contrasting a dressier element with a casual element. The shape of this skirt is dressed up but since it’s faux leather you can add the casual comfortable element of a plaid flannel. Just be sure to bring it all together with your boots and tights of your choice.


Top: Old Navy, Skirt: SimplyBe (similar), Booties: Nine West (similar)

Cool Sweater, Cooler Shoulder

If there is a cold shoulder detail on a dress or top within a five-mile radius I’ve seen it and considered buying.  It’s just enough skin to be sexy but it’s not overly revealing. This detail is perfect for anyone who’s priority is being comfortable but you still want to look chic and on trend. Just throw on your favorite skinny jeans and some booties and you’re ready to go.




Sweater: SimplyBe (similar), Jeans Forever 21 (similar), Booties; Gabe’s (similar)

Two in One

I love a wrap poncho it makes everything ok and I found this one at Costco! Wraps and blanket scarfs are so versatile it transforms jeans and a t-shirt into an ensemble. You’ll walk in greet everyone and tell everyone, “Happy Thanksgiving”, then take off your wrap and relax. I paired my poncho over a black long sleeve body suit, flare legged jeans, and belted it to give the look more polish look. Added bonus it anchors your wrap in the event a gust of wind blows when you are carrying covered dishes into your grandmother’s house. This plaid poncho is reversible so if you’re not feeling a big print you can wear it on the solid side for a more minimalist look.




Poncho: Costco (similar), Bodysuit: Fashion to Figure, Jeans: Target

Thank you so much to all of my Oh Wize readers I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with love and food! Be sure to tag me in your Thanksgiving looks on Facebook and Instagram @ohwizeone so I can see how great you look!!

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Something for EVERY Body 16 Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

As an avid body advocate of body positive media I read my fair share of blogs. As a style expert when I see something stylish my eye just gravitates toward what I find appealing. I love when the two worlds collide on my Instagram account. When I like something I like it whether the woman wearing it is a size 2 or a size 26. I honestly don’t care style and construction are on an even playing field in my world.

I wanted to showcase women of all body types who are incredibly stylish. I am sharing all of my favorite bloggers who give me total and complete closet envy. If you haven’t heard of them you should follow them today because who couldn’t use a little outfit inspiration!

Grown and Curvy Woman

I feel like no one executes quirky curvy girl business professional better than Grown and Curvy Woman. I love her colorful style and how she finds new ways to reinvent her wardrobe all the time. She also did a series on her blog where she recreated looks from her favorite straight size bloggers and the results were fantastic. I love her versatility if you are looking for fun ways to update your office style be sure to follow her @grownandcurvywoman on Instagram.

Style Cassentials

They say big things come in small packages and Casse of Style Cassnetials slays in every way! Just when I felt like there was no one out there addressing the issues that petite plus size women deal with, I discovered Casse. She has written awesome posts about altering garments to better fit the smaller curvy frames of the plus and petite. Her sleek and sexy style will have you filling your online shopping cart full of style goodness. Be sure to follow @stylecassentials


Miss Louie

In real life, if I could I would wear everything Miss Louie puts on. If I am styling myself for an event I get on YouTube and watch Miss Louie. Her style is impeccable and it’s the perfect blend of classic J Crew prep and Target flare. Miss Louie shops both ends of the spectrum and it all seamlessly blends and the end result look super polished! Miss Louie is the total package and also goes into detail about her pairings of wardrobe and accessories. I’m sure you will find her style just as intriguing as I do be sure to follow her on Instagram @missejlouie and subscribe to her YouTube channel.


The Instagram Wives

These three New York working girls give an ultra chic plus sized Sex in the City vibe that an Ohio girl can only dream of!!  Suits, Heels and Curves, LA PECOSA PRECIOSA and Style Over Size all have different styles but the diversity in their taste provides a cohesive kinship that exudes fun and confidence. They are always on the scene and share insider details from retailers when new lines are being released. If you are interested in knowing when plus brands are extending sizes or just want a peek at next seasons lookbook before you receive the promotion in the mail these are your girls  Be sure to follow them on Instagram @theigwives


Skinny Girl Confidence

As the shortest person in my family, there is nothing I appreciate more than a tall drink of water! So often I see tall women not embrace all that is being a total glamazon. Skinny Girl Confidence shows off her cool street wear and her long, long, legs. She is seriously model material be sure to check her out on Instagram

The Inbetweenie

As a woman who sits on the edge of straight and plus size clothing, I can totally indulge in the quirky styles of The Inbetweenie. Her style can range from easy going casual wear to fun iridescent rain coats, the sky is the limit. I adore the fun styles that always translate into cool, fun, and  animated pieces. Be sure to catch her on Instagram @theinbetweenie


Jessica Kane

Jessica Kane‘s style personifies crazy, sexy, cool. I love how she is always able to create great silhouettes. She always ties in fun colors and textures into her look and it never seems over the top, she makes it look so effortless. She also designs for the line Society Plus which is, oh so cute!! Be sure to Jessica on Instagram @jessica_kane


Feednclotheme is my blogger boo and she kills it every time. She is the ultimate southern belle with her long flowing frocks. She is always sporting bright colors and easy to pair separates. Feednclothe me is a woman after my own heart because nothing beats a cute outfit or a gourmet plate! Be sure to follow @feednclotheme on Instagram

Simply Curvy

Ashley of Simply Curvy is all about the fit if a new plus size line is available at a well-known retailer  I know Ashley has made a purchase. I can always be certain that she will give her honest experience with the brand. She is always rocking what’s new and putting her own fun twist on it. Be sure to check out @simplycurvee on Instagram

Thread Cincinnati

Hey, don’t get it twisted Ohio girls have style too! I love the style of all of the ladies of Thread so I couldn’t just pick one. Everyone has their own unique style and it’s featured weekly on You can see the confidence in everyone’s style. It may seem a little bias since I  am a member of Thread but I find myself recreating the looks that I see on the other ladies all of the time. If you want to know the best places to shop in Cincinnati look no further. Be sure to check out all of the ladies of Thread on Instagram @threadcincinnati

Finesse Curves

Jeanne of Finesse Curves represents curvy girl style at it’s finest! Not only is Jeanne my blogger boo but she’s also my fellow Midwest fashionista. She is always changing up her look and her hair so I am constantly inspired by her style and her confidence to always take a fashion risk and rock it her own way. Be sure to check her out Instagram @finessecurves314

Personal Bravery

Can you lose with a blog named Personal Bravery? It’s more than style it’s the courage to be yourself, now that’s deep. Princess is a stylist and blogger with an awesome knack for layering clothes to perfection. She styles looks in  a way that I would have never considered and it always looks high end. Be sure to check out real Cincinnati style @PersonalBravery.

This Is Jessica Torres

This woman is hot, was the first thing I thought when I saw Jessica Torres. If you have been looking for the confirmation to leave the house in that sexy little number Jessica will inspire you to have the confidence and style to do it. I mean she’s unapologetic and I am constantly trying to infuse aspects of her style into my wardrobe and her no f*cks given approach to fashion is something any woman can appreciate. Be sure to follow @thisisjessicatorres.

Klassy Kinks

My current hair goals obsession is Klassy Kinks. I recently started on my natural hair journey and I am constantly watching Klassy Kinks on Youtube for hairspiration. She also has a style all her own on Instagram. I love seeing her vibrant colors in my feed. Be sure to follow @KlassyKinks on Instagram.

Curlybyrdie Chirps

Whoever said 40 isn’t fabulous lied. Mary of Curlybyrdie Chirps always puts a sexy and stylish spin on looks that transition into my real life wardrobe. She is always proving that age ain’t nothing but a number. Be sure to follow @curlybyridie on Instagram.


Fabulous she is I can’t get enough of her mixture of street style and high end looks when I see FabEllis in my Instagram feed! She is always rocking a bold print. I just love how she mix and matches items so effortlessly be sure to follow her on Instagram @FabEllis


Are you caught up in the scroll too? Who is your Instagram or social media style crush?

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How to Style Yourself on Stage

You know what we never talk about? That I am a poet and a spoken word artist and  I have performed nationally since 2009. I feel like I often get a deer in headlights look when I tell people that I perform spoken word, it’s almost as if they don’t know how to react. I have performed in large stage productions and I have always been responsible for styling myself.


I was recently a cast member in the spoken word stage play Coochie Chronicles. The stage play speaks to the narrative and of the issues that women of color. I wanted to make a statement when with my wardrobe. I wanted to present myself in a very sexy way to juxtapose the strong pieces that I would perform. I wanted to show that a black woman can be sexy, smart, socially aware. and sure of herself without having to downplay the way she looks.


Are you a stand-up comedian? Are you a singer? Are you a public speaker? How you present yourself on stage is a part of your performance. I can tell you first hand that when my outfit doesn’t photograph well it haunts me. I have been styling myself on stage and have learned the tricks of the trade. Here are my three tips on ensuring you’re ready for the hot stage lights.

More is More

Bright lights tend to wash out minor details. If you have a subtle understated style some of the more intricate details may not be seen from the back row. If you will be in a dark theater or club performing with a bright spotlight shining down on you be sure to up the ante. Bold jewelry, bright colors, and shiny details. Play with color and contrast to create visual interest in your look just keep in mind that sometimes a busy print may not be as appealing on stage as it is close up.

Bird’s Eye View

Before I wear something on stage I take a few pictures in the outfit. Looking in the mirror is not the same point of view as seeing it in a picture. Think of this picture as a first draft you will be able to edit the look before you hit the stage. Wrinkles are photogenic consider having your outfit pressed at the dry cleaners or iron it yourself. Once you are on stage and people post pictures of your performance there are no take backs, maybe you can untag yourself, but social media lives forever.

Show Your Truth

My on-stage look may be different than yours but these tips still apply. I can not stress this point enough bright lights tell no lies. Whether you want to admit it or not the moment you step on stage you are representing yourself. What do you want people to walk away with after they experience you or the character you are portraying. Your on stage look speaks before you do. Your performance and your on stage look need to speak your truth.


Sheer Duster: Old Similar (Here), Top:Forever 21, Pants:Torrid

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My 7 Fashion Rules I Broke This Summer


I feel like I dress better in my thirties than I did In my twenties. Which is ironic because I think I had a better body in my twenties. Maybe it wasn’t better but I was definitely smaller. The moment I embraced my true self I started being nicer to myself. I started giving myself permission to try things that I would have normally been too scared to try. In my thirties, I started breaking my own rules and preconceived notions of what I should and should not wear.

I’m sharing my favorite looks from this summer and how I broke all of my fashion rules from my twenties:

Rule #1: If Mom Doesn’t Like It, Don’t Wear It

My mom is my fashion guru. Seriously she is a fashion genius and an incredible seamstress. When my mom doesn’t like something she is usually right. If my mom tells me to change I do because there’s a chance she is seeing something that I didn’t. So about this tulle skirt, my mama hates this skirt! I had to accept that I couldn’t talk her into liking it and I had to accept that her opinion didn’t change the that I like this skirt. It is what it is sometimes you just have to take a chance and be the only person who likes what you are wearing.


Rule #2 :Attempt to Dress Your Age

While all of my childhood friends wanted to be cartoon charicters I really wanted to be Anita Baker. Can you imagine a five year old who’s hearts desire is be an adult contemporary jazz singer. It’s pretty funny now but dressing mature in your twenties is kind of frowned upon I mean you’re young you should be naked! I would get anxiety if I thought something looked too old. You never want a look to age you but a classic never goes out of style. Don’t be affraid to be understated. Dress for your mood and not your age.


Rule #3: Firm Fat

It must be jelly because jam don’t shake like that, that is my firm fat rule.  I often peffer for my round areas to be confinded to materials that smooth out my shape. If a swimsuit promises to make me appear 10 pounds slimmer chances are I’m buying that swimsuit. This summer I finally wore a swimsuit that had no promise of slimming me down and I didn’t die. I actually thought I looked pretty good. My firm fat rule now fluctuates depending on my mood.


Rule #4: No Ankle Pants, Ever!

My body shape is between an apple and an inversted triangle. Which means the lower half of my body is noticably more narrow than my upper body. I can’t be the only plus size woman with narrow hips, can I? I am all about semitry and creating visual lines when I am styling a look so I have a no ankle pants rule. No leggings, no crop pants, the answer was no! I want to say I had some big magical moment of self acceptance but really vanity made me ease up on my no ankles pants rule. I legit just wanted the top of a pair of shoes to be visible so I had a pair of pants hemmed above the ankle and the rest is history. Shoes trump body insecurity.


Rule #5: Flowers are for Gardens

This isn’t really my rule, I have to be honest, I curate what looks I share on my blog. I try to have an understanding of what will translate well and what won’t. Then I remembered it’s my blog and my style isn’t for everyone. I love flowers and I often feel like I am a flower, constantly in bloom. Maybe one of my readers will be brave enough to wear a floral print one day and realize that gardens are beautiful and there is no shame in looking like one.


Rule #6: Don’t Wear Bold Prints

The older I get the more I  embrace my own style and let go of dressing to please other people. It’s funny how a comment from one person can change your style. I was dating a guy and it felt like everytime I wore anything with a print on it he didn’t like what I was wearing. To avoid the conversation all together I just started wearing solids. Even after we broke up I still kept gravitating to solids. Eventually I thought why am I still dressing to appease a guy I’m not even dating anymore? Needless to say prints have made their way back into my wardrobe.


At The End of The Day

If you have gotten away from your true sense of style just remember yourself. I try not let myself not to get too far away from my classy free spirit. I love music, film, color, and nature and those elements reflect in my style. Don’t be affraid to break your own rules that you have put on yourself. Finding freedom in your personal style will trickle into other areas of your life. I defeinitely feel a sense of fearlessness everytime I step outside of my comfort zone.


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3 Tips To Make Your Next Thrift Store Experience Easier



Loving vintage and being plus size is a double edge sword. So many super cool options but so few items are fond in the plus size range. Consignment and resale shops are dependent upon what they find at estate sales and donations so finding your size can be a challenge. I can honestly say that it’s always worth a stroll through a resale shop, I don’t find a size 16 as often as I would like but what I do find is worth the trip.What better way to find one of a kind accessories to express your individual style and elevate the look of your wardrobe basics.


I finally got the chance to check out the selection at Mannequin a vintage boutique located in Cincinnati, Ohio in Over the Rhine. I have been intrigued by Mannequin’s perfectly styled window display. My expectations were exceeded when I found immaculately made suits and creative separates. I was so happy to find a wide range of classic designer pieces and fun quirky vintage accessories. I was also delighted by their men’s section that included clothing, shoes, hats,  and suiting accessories.


Here are my 3 tips on how to make your next thrifting trip less stressful.


Have An Open Mind

Thrifting does not have the same instant gratification as walking into a big box store where every item has been merchandised. Thrifting for vintage is like a treasure hunt so you can’t expect an abundance of any size. Keep your mind open and be on the lookout for quality pieces made of high-end fabrics. The more you open your mind to the possibilities the less likely you are to be frustrated.


Creativity is Key

Did you find a smoking vintage blazer but you hate the buttons? You can replace the buttons what you can’t replace is craftsmanship. If an item is well made but has a small imperfection chances are it can be fixed. Did you find a great Louis Vuitton handbag but the zipper is broken? Most leather and shoe repairs will also replace the zipper in a leather handbag and the cost of the repair will still be considerably less than a new designer bag


Size Ain’t Nothing but a Number

If an item of clothing looks like it may fit, give it a try. I have looked at the size of an item on more than one occasion and according to the size it shouldn’t  have fit but the clothes told a different story. Can’t find anything your size, earrings always fit. I have found some of my favorite scarfs and evening handbags at thrift stores.






I found so many cool finds at Mannequin and I even found, gasp, a dress in my size! I can’t wait to share it here on the blog. You can find out more about Mannequin Boutique at  You can also follow them on Instagram @mannequinboutiqueOTR and on Facebook at Mannequin Boutique.

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The Best Way To Style Your Jean Jacket This Season


Let’s Put A Pin In That

Denim is my cure all, anytime I want to tone down anything sleeveless my immediate remedy is to throw on a denim jacket. When I want my individuality to shine through in my personal style brooches are a chic way of adding flair to a jean jacket. Adding a few sparkling broaches to a jean jacket add great juxtaposition to the casual element of denim. It also gives a youthful vibe to a broach.

I have a small collection of pins that I have accumulated over the years. I recently added a vintage ice cream cone broach to my collection, it was a rare find from a vendor at the Ohio State Fair! I often score broaches at thrift stores and second-hand shops it’s a really affordable way to breathe new life into jackets, coats, hats, and cloth handbags! The next time you come across a broach that catches your eye definitely consider adding it to your collection of accessories because the possibilities are endless.

SAM_5040 (2).JPG



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Style Sunday | Black Does Not Make You Look Thinner


I have nothing against a little black dress. I think black can be powerful and sexy. I also know women who wouldn’t dare wear another color because black is slimming. Can a darker color camouflage a problem area on your body? Yes, it can. Will wearing head to toe black make you look thinner? Nope! I don’t believe in hiding behind black for the sake of appearing thinner. I do believe in complimenting the shape of your body to highlight your best features and that can be done without wearing any black.

Skin Is In

Anyone can wear black but black is a harsh color and doesn’t work with every skin tone. Women with cool undertones look fantastic in navy blue and chocolate brown. Women with dark skin radiate in eggplant. Give your wardrobe some versatility with other dark staple colors and give head toe black a rest.

It Ain’t The Color, It’s The Fabric

Don’t limit yourself to dark colors for the sake of looking thin it’s a crutch. Let me just be honest because, well, it’s my blog. If a garment is made of thin unflattering fabric that sinks into every crevasse buying it in black won’t make it look better.Any body type can wear any color if the fabric is a heavy weight. The silhouette and the cut of an item will determine if the item makes you appear smaller.

What’s Black, White, and Red All Over? Print!!

I know some people shy away from prints because they fear the print will make them appear larger than they really are. I have even had friends tell me that they won’t wear floral prints because they will look like a garden. I remember thinking but aren’t gardens beautiful? The wrong print can do you an injustice and the wrong print isn’t a specific print it is the direction of which the print goes or the size of the print. I’ve worn stripes. polka dots, checks, and florals. You name it I’ve worn it, some prints are intentional and silhouette the body. New adventures and clothes have something in common you won’t know until you TRY!!

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The Barbecue Rules of Engagement


Whether you are hosting your own cookout or you are attending someone else’s there is something you want more than food this holiday weekend. Independence Day feels so casual and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with friends, meet your new boyfriend’s parents, or vacation for the long weekend. I know what you want and it is to show up looking “crisp”that effortlessly chic look that says. “I just threw this on.” You could just put on some cutoffs and a wrinkled t-shirt or you can take an extra five minutes to enhance your casual look and leave everyone mesmerized at how casually fine you are.

Don’t Go Overboard


Don’t turn yourself into the American flag! I know it’s tempting but remember that teacher who always had a sweater to match every holiday that is the type of vibe you will give if you wear the American flag from head to toe. Do play with red, white, and blue it is a classic color scheme that always works. Notice how in this look my dress has red and white stripes and I accented the look by pairing it with blue sandals. Even if you go with a monochromatic look and wear one color from head toe you can still accessorize with red or blue.

Just as Cute in Flats


Yes, girl, you are just as cute in flats. If you know for sure that you will be in someone’s backyard or in a park don’t be the one woman wearing stilettos. You will just ruin the heels on your sexy shoes and you will look pretentious. Save the heels for the after party or a the very least wear a wedge.

The 25th Amendment


The month of July marks the beginning of the 25th Amendment, where you can legally wear beach wear as street wear. A) because it’s hot! B) How do you know that I’m not going to a pool party? The answer to B is, you don’t. I think a swimsuit coverup or a beach dress can easily pass for street wear. I am however conscientious of how a sheer an item is because some things are more appropriate when you are standing next to a body of water.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!

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