3 Tips To Make Your Next Thrift Store Experience Easier



Loving vintage and being plus size is a double edge sword. So many super cool options but so few items are fond in the plus size range. Consignment and resale shops are dependent upon what they find at estate sales and donations so finding your size can be a challenge. I can honestly say that it’s always worth a stroll through a resale shop, I don’t find a size 16 as often as I would like but what I do find is worth the trip.What better way to find one of a kind accessories to express your individual style and elevate the look of your wardrobe basics.


I finally got the chance to check out the selection at Mannequin a vintage boutique located in Cincinnati, Ohio in Over the Rhine. I have been intrigued by Mannequin’s perfectly styled window display. My expectations were exceeded when I found immaculately made suits and creative separates. I was so happy to find a wide range of classic designer pieces and fun quirky vintage accessories. I was also delighted by their men’s section that included clothing, shoes, hats,  and suiting accessories.


Here are my 3 tips on how to make your next thrifting trip less stressful.


Have An Open Mind

Thrifting does not have the same instant gratification as walking into a big box store where every item has been merchandised. Thrifting for vintage is like a treasure hunt so you can’t expect an abundance of any size. Keep your mind open and be on the lookout for quality pieces made of high-end fabrics. The more you open your mind to the possibilities the less likely you are to be frustrated.


Creativity is Key

Did you find a smoking vintage blazer but you hate the buttons? You can replace the buttons what you can’t replace is craftsmanship. If an item is well made but has a small imperfection chances are it can be fixed. Did you find a great Louis Vuitton handbag but the zipper is broken? Most leather and shoe repairs will also replace the zipper in a leather handbag and the cost of the repair will still be considerably less than a new designer bag


Size Ain’t Nothing but a Number

If an item of clothing looks like it may fit, give it a try. I have looked at the size of an item on more than one occasion and according to the size it shouldn’t  have fit but the clothes told a different story. Can’t find anything your size, earrings always fit. I have found some of my favorite scarfs and evening handbags at thrift stores.






I found so many cool finds at Mannequin and I even found, gasp, a dress in my size! I can’t wait to share it here on the blog. You can find out more about Mannequin Boutique at http://www.mannequinboutique.org/  You can also follow them on Instagram @mannequinboutiqueOTR and on Facebook at Mannequin Boutique.

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6 responses to “3 Tips To Make Your Next Thrift Store Experience Easier”

  1. I have never been to a thrift store because I always think clothing…that won’t fit me. However, I never thought about scoring a few unique accessories. The red train case is a great find!

    1. That train case is so cute and such a good find. I occasionally score a dress or a top it just depends honestly on what the store has in at the time. If a store has a good display window I shop around a little because earrings always fit 🙂

  2. I’ve been to a few thrift stores with friends but I’ve never tried it for myself. Thanks for the tips! XOXO -Dasha http://windycitywardrobe.com

  3. love that red bag and the earrings…there are always some amazing treats at thrift stores

    1. There are always a few hidden gems, Thanks for reading 🙂

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