Style Sunday | Cute Tees and LPs


Yesterday was National Record Store Day; I collect classic soul records I had to make my way to my local record store and pick a few albums. Music influences you to have fun so I thought I would share one of my  more laid-back weekend looks.

Weekend wear is more than just athletic wear it’s your opportunity to wear pieces that reflect your personality. I think of it as my time to sport my quirky grown-up looks that I wouldn’t wear into the office. The weekend is a great time to be adventurous and try out overalls, a fun floral headband, funky sneakers, or a bright colored statement piece. Grown-ups can have fun too there are ways to step outside the norm but there is a thin line between offbeat fun pieces and full on costumes.

I love breaking fashion rules and playing with prints and when I do I try to keep the rest of my look simple. I enjoyed combining this t-shirt that I found at H&M and my Mr. Kate pendant necklace it’s my clever way of expressing my inner unicorn without looking like a My Little Pony.





Skirt: Simplybe, Shirt H&M sold out Similar, Necklace: Mr. Kate, Shoes: Old, Hat, Torrid old

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8 thoughts on “Style Sunday | Cute Tees and LPs

    • ohwizeone says:

      Yes, unicorns are real and magical!! LOL. I am a vinyl junkie and it’s a great way to find music from artist that I never hear on the radio. Sometimes I buy an album because of the album art and discover that it’s great music too.. LOL


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