Style Sunday | Black Does Not Make You Look Thinner


I have nothing against a little black dress. I think black can be powerful and sexy. I also know women who wouldn’t dare wear another color because black is slimming. Can a darker color camouflage a problem area on your body? Yes, it can. Will wearing head to toe black make you look thinner? Nope! I don’t believe in hiding behind black for the sake of appearing thinner. I do believe in complimenting the shape of your body to highlight your best features and that can be done without wearing any black.

Skin Is In

Anyone can wear black but black is a harsh color and doesn’t work with every skin tone. Women with cool undertones look fantastic in navy blue and chocolate brown. Women with dark skin radiate in eggplant. Give your wardrobe some versatility with other dark staple colors and give head toe black a rest.

It Ain’t The Color, It’s The Fabric

Don’t limit yourself to dark colors for the sake of looking thin it’s a crutch. Let me just be honest because, well, it’s my blog. If a garment is made of thin unflattering fabric that sinks into every crevasse buying it in black won’t make it look better.Any body type can wear any color if the fabric is a heavy weight. The silhouette and the cut of an item will determine if the item makes you appear smaller.

What’s Black, White, and Red All Over? Print!!

I know some people shy away from prints because they fear the print will make them appear larger than they really are. I have even had friends tell me that they won’t wear floral prints because they will look like a garden. I remember thinking but aren’t gardens beautiful? The wrong print can do you an injustice and the wrong print isn’t a specific print it is the direction of which the print goes or the size of the print. I’ve worn stripes. polka dots, checks, and florals. You name it I’ve worn it, some prints are intentional and silhouette the body. New adventures and clothes have something in common you won’t know until you TRY!!

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The Barbecue Rules of Engagement


Whether you are hosting your own cookout or you are attending someone else’s there is something you want more than food this holiday weekend. Independence Day feels so casual and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with friends, meet your new boyfriend’s parents, or vacation for the long weekend. I know what you want and it is to show up looking “crisp”that effortlessly chic look that says. “I just threw this on.” You could just put on some cutoffs and a wrinkled t-shirt or you can take an extra five minutes to enhance your casual look and leave everyone mesmerized at how casually fine you are.

Don’t Go Overboard


Don’t turn yourself into the American flag! I know it’s tempting but remember that teacher who always had a sweater to match every holiday that is the type of vibe you will give if you wear the American flag from head to toe. Do play with red, white, and blue it is a classic color scheme that always works. Notice how in this look my dress has red and white stripes and I accented the look by pairing it with blue sandals. Even if you go with a monochromatic look and wear one color from head toe you can still accessorize with red or blue.

Just as Cute in Flats


Yes, girl, you are just as cute in flats. If you know for sure that you will be in someone’s backyard or in a park don’t be the one woman wearing stilettos. You will just ruin the heels on your sexy shoes and you will look pretentious. Save the heels for the after party or a the very least wear a wedge.

The 25th Amendment


The month of July marks the beginning of the 25th Amendment, where you can legally wear beach wear as street wear. A) because it’s hot! B) How do you know that I’m not going to a pool party? The answer to B is, you don’t. I think a swimsuit coverup or a beach dress can easily pass for street wear. I am however conscientious of how a sheer an item is because some things are more appropriate when you are standing next to a body of water.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!

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#ILWW Recap | Taste of Cincinnati



I know what you’re thinking, in this picture I’m clearly not at a food festival, right. I was super paranoid about my dress getting wrinkled, so I took a few outfit pictures before I left for The Taste of Cincinnati. At the beginning of International Laura Wize Week, I said that all I wanted to do was being surrounded by art and eat good. Monday was dedicated to eating yummy food at The Taste of Cincinnati. I tried so many delicious bites here a few of my favorites:

What I wore:

I found this sexy day dress at Torrid. In the summer, I see a sea of beautiful maxi dresses and to stand out I picked classic cut in a vibrant color. Also on hot summer days, it’s nice to wear a dress that shapewear is optional and not a requirement. I adore this dress, and if you’re thinking about ordering it, I would recommend a strapless bra with a deep plunge in the front.


SAM_2766 (2).JPG

Where I went:

Washington Platform

Washington Platform is the stand I stop by every year I can’t say no to their fried oysters and their crab cakes.



Empanadas Aqui

Food truck alley is really the place to be at The Taste of Cincinnati. Empanadas Aqui never disappoints. Fried dough and yummy cheese with their herbed mayo with just a little hot sauce is all I need to keep a smile one my face.



Alabama Fish Bar

Alabama’s is Cincinnati classic the real questions is when did they get a food truck!!




Of course after all of my paranoia my dress didn’t wrinkle…

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Shop With Me | Cincinnati Consignment



If a tourist came to Cincinnati, Ohio and asked me what does my city have to offer my answer would be shopping and eating. If you are in the know, Cincinnati is an excellent place to secondhand shop (and eat). With so many local thrift stores and consignment shops, the odds are ever in your favor. One shop that I stop in regularly is Legacies in Hyde Park.

Legacies is a consignment shop that sells furniture, home goods, clothing, and accessories. I love the variety that I find in Legacies the furniture is always in good shape, and the jewelry selection is so unique. It’s the perfect place to shop when you’re looking for pieces that you won’t see anywhere else to give your home those extra personal touches. You can donate and shop at Legacies, and the proceeds benefit the Cancer Support Community.

Here a few of my thrifting rules:


See Past the Moment:

Look at the shape of the furniture before you judge the color or fabric. If you’re buying furniture on a budget and you see a couch with a great shape in a color you don’t like, consider getting a sofa cover or large throw blanket to bring the piece back into context for your space.  If you have money to spend, and you have found a piece that looks similar to a high-end piece that you have had your eye on but you dislike the upholstery buying the piece and having it reupholstered is the perfect option for a custom design.

Art on A Budget

Can’t afford to invest in art, it’s all good, the best place to find interesting pieces on a budget is at the consignment shop. I always manage to find a gem every time I’m in Legacies. When searching for art secondhand look for pieces that have quality framing and interesting details. I loved this framed fan it would look great in a bedroom or a bathroom.


Jewels on Display

I adore costume jewelry, and the best place to find interesting pieces is Legacies. With an extensive selection of jewelry, you will not be disappointed. Looking for a cool broach? Legacies also have an impressive assortment of interesting clip on earrings the endless selection will make it hard to leave a piece behind.




Traditional Pieces Within Reach

When you finally have a great dining room set adding, the finishing touches can make a big difference. A set of china can set you back a pretty penny. I have found beautiful China and traditional tea sets, and coffee services at Legacies for reasonable prices. I find that the entire set is sold at one price. Having the right serving ware makes entertaining a breeze.




Last But Not Least

If you love something don’t make the mistake of not purchasing an item, it will be gone when you come back. Trust me I know from experience.


Legacies Upscale Resale is located at 3854 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209

For more information about Legacies go to

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Style Sunday | Cute Tees and LPs


Yesterday was National Record Store Day; I collect classic soul records I had to make my way to my local record store and pick a few albums. Music influences you to have fun so I thought I would share one of my  more laid-back weekend looks.

Weekend wear is more than just athletic wear it’s your opportunity to wear pieces that reflect your personality. I think of it as my time to sport my quirky grown-up looks that I wouldn’t wear into the office. The weekend is a great time to be adventurous and try out overalls, a fun floral headband, funky sneakers, or a bright colored statement piece. Grown-ups can have fun too there are ways to step outside the norm but there is a thin line between offbeat fun pieces and full on costumes.

I love breaking fashion rules and playing with prints and when I do I try to keep the rest of my look simple. I enjoyed combining this t-shirt that I found at H&M and my Mr. Kate pendant necklace it’s my clever way of expressing my inner unicorn without looking like a My Little Pony.





Skirt: Simplybe, Shirt H&M sold out Similar, Necklace: Mr. Kate, Shoes: Old, Hat, Torrid old

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