DIY New Years Eve Party Hat

DSCN1621When you’re crafty like me your friends automatically sign you up to be on the decorations committee for every function.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I got a call to bring something festive to my friends New Years Eve party. The problem is after Christmas, who has a budget to be festive?

I challenged myself to make something for New Years Eve without buying any new supplies. When I realized I had some party hats leftover from my nephew’s birthday party I knew I hit the party decor jackpot.


Party Hats

Acrylic Paint

Foam Paint Brush

Christmas Garland

Hot Glue Gun

(not pictured) Any small paint brush or pencil with an eraser

paint pallet or a surface you don’t mind having paint on


Step 1:

Paint the party hat the base color. I would suggest using a dark color to cover whatever existing design is on the hat. You can use a lighter color but you will have to paint 1-2 more coats and allow the paint to fully dry between each coat.


Step 2:

Once your base color has dried you can begin to paint dots with the tip of a paint brush or the eraser of a pencil. Just pour out a small amount of paint and dip the back end of the brush in the paint and press the tip into the hat to create the dots. Allow the dots to dry completely.



Step 3:

Cut a small length of the Christmas garland to create a small ball. Just dap a small amount of glue to one end of the garland and wrap the garland around itself to form a ball.

Step 4:

Place a dot of hot glue to the top of the hat and adhere the garland ball to the top of the hat.

Step 5:

Wrap the garland arount the hat to measure how much you will need to cover the bottom of the hat. At the bottom edge of the hat place a line of hot glur to the hat and attache the garland around the bottom edge of the glue. Be sure to attach a small amount at a time because hot glue dried very fast.



If you just happen to have some old party supplies don’t let them go to waste! Transform them to fit your New Year’s celebration!!




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