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Hair is a big deal. I recently went natural about two years ago and the struggle is real. Keeping my hair in a protective style is essential to hair growth and manageability. I’m always searching for hairspiration. Working in an office I always need a style that is work appropriate, stylish, and current.  I wanted to share my fall hair-spiration with my readers. Who knows maybe it will be just what you need to update your fall style.

These are my top three styles to try this fall

Blunt Bob

Hello, Yvonne Orji’s hair on Insecure season 2 was GOALS. It was so simple and sleek which made me immediately want to go to the hair store. If you are natural like me you may want to wait until mid-October before rocking straight styles. This would also be a killer sew-in style


Goddess Locs

Ever since I laid my eyes on Megan Good’s ultra bohemian goddess locs I have been obsessed! Then I watched her hairstylist on The Real daytime talk show explain the process of getting goddess locs and I was out. It sounded it like it was going to take FOREVER. Luckily hair companies are expanded their options for crochet hair and I found crochet goddess locs and I love them! I talked it over with my stylist and she suggested individuals in the front and crocheting the back of my hair for more versatility with my look.  As usual, she was right!


Roller Set

Experimenting with your natural hair can be a gamble but I really want to try Curlformers. I have had a set of 70 Curlformers in my Amazon cart and have yet to order them. This fall I plan to bite the bullet invest in a set and see how things turn out.


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My Protective Style Tips


Keep it shiny

I rocked braided styles for most of the summer and now that I have goddess locs I keep them shiny with the same product I used on my braids. African Royale Sheen Spray it’s tried and true to freshen up my braids when they are getting a little dull.

Edges on Fleek

The perimeter of my hair gets it the worst. Whether it’s from the steam in the shower or from the natural elements. Making sure my edges look good without getting white buildup is essential. I really like Lotta Body it gets the job done without the white flakes.

Smell Good 

When my hair is in a crochet style or braided a smell can so easily get trapped in the hair. I wear synthetic hair for most of my protective styles so I can not traditionally wash the hair. Cantu Root Relief is a waterless shampoo. You just apply the shampoo to your scalp and allow it to dry and your hair is back to smelling awesome!


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  1. yesssssss the natural hair aint no joke, i had no idea you were for two years, welcome girl lol (i have been for 8 years), and protective styles are ALWWAAYYYSSSS needed lol

    1. Girl, natural hair is unpredictable! I just ride the wave now I have to ask my hair, “what do you want to do today?” A protective style is a real time saver!

      1. yesssssss it is not your decision, the hair is running things now lol

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