Small Closet Organization, Made Easy!


For so long I have wanted to get my closet in order. I searched my usual online resources for inexpensive tips on how to get my space together. Let’s just say that Pinterest and I have two entirely different ideas of quick, easy and low-cost closet upgrades. Many articles on organization recommend investing in a closet system which in my opinion seemed time-consuming and well not easy.

I reorganized my closet space for under $100. These are also handy tips to anyone renting because I did not make any structural changes to my existing shelving. This post is my lazy girl’s guide to getting the most out of your small closet.

Functional and Sexy

small closet organization

No closet doors, no problem. Measure your closet and buy a tension rod that will fit in the width of your closet. Hang sheers or curtains to give a sexy boudoir feel to your space and bonus it functions as a door. You can close the sheers for coverage in the event someone sees your closet in one of it’s less organized moments.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind


I purge items from my wardrobe regularly (at least twice a year) which usually turns into shopping my closet. I found accessories that I had not carried as often as I originally intended. Before I stored these items in an under the bed storage case which was not effective.  If I don’t see an item, I am less likely to carry it.

I have wire shelving in my closet which makes it difficult to place smaller items on my shelf. I went to the dollar store and bought a piece of this cardboard and cut it to fit my shelf; this made it easy to display my clutches and other small accessories at eye level.

Let There Be Light


I don’t have a light in my closet which is inconvenient when I am getting dressed in the evening. I loved the idea of using light to help stage my accessories like  a boutique. I did not have the time or the money to invest in a major electrical upgrade. I found a set of battery operated LED lights from Target (in-store). You can find similar lights on Amazon. I hung the lights with Command strips; the strips work like velcro which is great for two reasons, no holes in the wall, and it also makes it easy to change the batteries.

Cliche but True


I admit it I was a non-believer, I thought having matching hangers was a scam invented by stores like Home Goods to get people to purchase more hangers.  I saw an ad promoting Huggable Hangers and noticed that they now come in royal purple. These hangers had me at hello. I got a great deal on The set of Huggable Hangers  that I purchased included:

    • 24 shirt hangers
    • 24 suit hangers
    • Printed garment bag
    • 2 printed dust covers
    • Over-the-door hook
    • 4 printed totes
    • Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty

I have the same amount of clothes, and they take up half of space than they did before. What is a girl to do with more closet space?

To Thy Own Jewelry Be True


I have tried on several occasions to organize my jewelry only for it to return to its original untidy state. This Huggable Hangers 30-Pocket Organizer is just what I needed. Since it has a zipper and snap closures at the top none of my jewelry falls out. It also a variety of pocket sizes, so there is room for everything from larger statement necklaces down to my small button earrings. Now that my jewelry has a place in the closet it has freed up a lot of space on my dresser which was well, covered in necklaces.


Overall I am very happy with how a few minor changes made a huge difference in my closet. Picking out something to wear got one hundred times easier now that I can see everything in my closet. I hope these tips inspire you to pull your space together.

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