The Barbecue Rules of Engagement


Whether you are hosting your own cookout or you are attending someone else’s there is something you want more than food this holiday weekend. Independence Day feels so casual and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with friends, meet your new boyfriend’s parents, or vacation for the long weekend. I know what you want and it is to show up looking “crisp”that effortlessly chic look that says. “I just threw this on.” You could just put on some cutoffs and a wrinkled t-shirt or you can take an extra five minutes to enhance your casual look and leave everyone mesmerized at how casually fine you are.

Don’t Go Overboard


Don’t turn yourself into the American flag! I know it’s tempting but remember that teacher who always had a sweater to match every holiday that is the type of vibe you will give if you wear the American flag from head to toe. Do play with red, white, and blue it is a classic color scheme that always works. Notice how in this look my dress has red and white stripes and I accented the look by pairing it with blue sandals. Even if you go with a monochromatic look and wear one color from head toe you can still accessorize with red or blue.

Just as Cute in Flats


Yes, girl, you are just as cute in flats. If you know for sure that you will be in someone’s backyard or in a park don’t be the one woman wearing stilettos. You will just ruin the heels on your sexy shoes and you will look pretentious. Save the heels for the after party or a the very least wear a wedge.

The 25th Amendment


The month of July marks the beginning of the 25th Amendment, where you can legally wear beach wear as street wear. A) because it’s hot! B) How do you know that I’m not going to a pool party? The answer to B is, you don’t. I think a swimsuit coverup or a beach dress can easily pass for street wear. I am however conscientious of how a sheer an item is because some things are more appropriate when you are standing next to a body of water.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!

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#ILWW Recap | Taste of Cincinnati



I know what you’re thinking, in this picture I’m clearly not at a food festival, right. I was super paranoid about my dress getting wrinkled, so I took a few outfit pictures before I left for The Taste of Cincinnati. At the beginning of International Laura Wize Week, I said that all I wanted to do was being surrounded by art and eat good. Monday was dedicated to eating yummy food at The Taste of Cincinnati. I tried so many delicious bites here a few of my favorites:

What I wore:

I found this sexy day dress at Torrid. In the summer, I see a sea of beautiful maxi dresses and to stand out I picked classic cut in a vibrant color. Also on hot summer days, it’s nice to wear a dress that shapewear is optional and not a requirement. I adore this dress, and if you’re thinking about ordering it, I would recommend a strapless bra with a deep plunge in the front.


SAM_2766 (2).JPG

Where I went:

Washington Platform

Washington Platform is the stand I stop by every year I can’t say no to their fried oysters and their crab cakes.



Empanadas Aqui

Food truck alley is really the place to be at The Taste of Cincinnati. Empanadas Aqui never disappoints. Fried dough and yummy cheese with their herbed mayo with just a little hot sauce is all I need to keep a smile one my face.



Alabama Fish Bar

Alabama’s is Cincinnati classic the real questions is when did they get a food truck!!




Of course after all of my paranoia my dress didn’t wrinkle…

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How to Style A Slip Dress | Curves Edition


I always feel like I got cheated because I wanted to be an adult in the 90’s. It just looked like so much fun. More than anything I wanted to wear a slip dress it felt so rebellious, every school dress code stated that students were not to wear underwear as outerwear. I have an overall obsession with slips.Wearing a slip is like wearing lingerie under your clothes so the idea of wearing sexy lingerie as evening wear is my idea of a good time!

A slip dress can be unforgiving, but I still say go for it! Most slips are cut on the bias which can be very figure flattering if you are curvy. It’s all about picking a dress with quality fabric. Look for a dress with lace appliques or lace on the trim that give a lingerie look if you’re hesitant about wearing lingerie.

Styling tips for wearing a slip dress:


option 2

If you are concerned about exposing your arms or hesitant about looking too risque, remember slip dresses are ideal for layering. I love the idea of wearing a slipdress with a light duster coat or trench coat. The lace details and soft fabric will give a playful peek a boo element to your entire look. Sexy but not too over the top.

Sex up to Sex down


Feeling adventurous play with juxtaposition and pair your slip dress with sporty elements for a street style look. You can wear an oversized bomber jacket, a structured military anorak jacket, or a leather jacket.

Double Up



I wore two dresses to achieve one look. The oversized sheer tunic (similar found here) paired with this slip dress was perfect because the tunic was sheer it doesn’t distract the eye from the dress. This look could also work with a long line kimono. I like the idea of creating a set but this dress could work great alone. My dress is from NY&Co, the retailer recently expanded their online selection to go up to a size 20. I bought this dress in an XL but it sold up to a XXL.

Will you be wearing a slip dress this spring?

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Style Sunday | Jump In To It!



I recently organized my closet, and while I was deciding which items to keep, I realized that I have five jumpsuits. I found this ironic because for the longest time I avoided jumpsuits at all costs! I was under the impression that a jumpsuit would highlight my midsection in an unflattering way.

I was pressed for time one day and picked up a few items and tried on a jumpsuit and I have been hooked ever since. Today I am your personal shopper. I have found some great jumpsuits, and I am breaking down how they will flatter your body.


An Apple A Day

Jumpsuit 3

If you’re an Apple shape or an inverted triangle, don’t be afraid of a jumpsuit it can give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Make sure the fabric is forgiving. If the fabric bunches or it is too tight, you won’t get as crisp of a look. Also, look for a jumpsuit with wide legs to add volume to your bottom half.  This jumpsuit from City Chic is a great investment piece for your evening wear.

Sexy Pears Ahead

Juipsuit 2

Pear shaped divas you are in luck a jumpsuit is your friend. Find one that is more fitted through your bust and waist area and flows over your hips. It will draw attention to your small waist. You will be serving a Grecian feel in the jumpsuit from Ashley Stewart.

Every Hour Of The Day


Hourglass ladies, the jumpsuit, was made with your shape in mind. You can rock any of this jumpsit but if you want to be fire alarm sexy allow me to introduce you this suit from Rue 107, It will turn heads and flatter every curve on your body. This jumpsuit can flatter a variety of shapes if you want some additional coverage I would recommend finding a complimentary long line duster.

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Almost Autumn (Fall Lookbook)

Living in the midwest I often see what I like to call “summa outfits”. I didn’t spell summer wrong “summa outfits” are when you have on an item of clothing from every season. Like wearing a winter weight shirt and linen pants. I’m down for juxtaposition but there is an art to mixing and matching items in your wardrobe.

Don’t live in denial it’s almost autumn. Saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet. Saying hello to fall still wearing a summer dress is cold. The best option you have is to transition into the new season so you can look effortlessly appropriate and chic!!!

Living in the midwest I often see what I like to call “summa outfits”. I didn’t spell summer wrong “summa outfits” are when you have on an item of clothing from every season. Like wearing a winter weight shirt and linen pants. I’m down for juxtaposition but there is an art to mixing and matching items in your wardrobe.

Here are my “Almost Autumn” Inspiration Looks 

Welcome Back Flares

Flare leg denim in my opinion is never out of style. I am excited that is on trend because it made it so much easier to find a pair. I’ve got more legs than a bucket of chicken, but even if your short this style will elongate your legs.

Flare leg jeans:Target, Top: Thrifted (Snooty Fox)

DSCN0782 DSCN0784

Show Casual Friday Who’s the Boss

Nothing screams casually fine louder than the perfect denim skirt. It’s great for transitioning into fall because you can wear it now with sandals. When the temperature drops you can pair it with opaque tights and booties.

Shirt: JCPenny, Skirt: Simply Be



In the Army Now

Olive green is my go to color when transitioning. Wearing fall colors is a no fail way to look in season without dying of heat exhaustion. If green is not your color you can also introduce cranberry or rust.

Jeans:Ava and Viv, Top:Ava and Viv (Sold Out), Jacket:Torrid, Shoes:Kenneth Cole, Clutch: DIY 



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5 Reasons to be Addicted to Seeing Yourself Sexy


Your only true job is to be attracted to yourself. If you are not attracted to yourself losing ten pound will not help.  It’s a temporary fix, you will just find something else to not like.

Seeing yourself sexy is the gateway drug into the ultimate high, self acceptance. How many images have been shoved down your throat of the “dream woman”. I personally know what is like to not feel like a trophy. Society says that men want trophies which I don’t think is entirely true. (Ok, some of them do but that is not your problem).

I have even had conversations with women where they acknowledge that they were not anyones dream girl. In the words of Tamar Braxton, lies you tell! Dreams are essentially made of feelings so whoever you end up with will find satisfaction in much more than they way you look.

Take control of your image and take your own damn picture. Seriously, take pictures of yourself better yet have a professional take them for you.

Theses are my five tips on seeing yourself sexy:


Get a team

Beyonce has a team and so should you. Have your hair and makeup done professionally it will improve the look of your pictures.  You can go over the details of what look you are trying to achieve and they can guide you in the right direction. Remember inspiration is free but execution has a price you won’t regret having the pros on hand.

Go Boudior or Go Home!

You don’t have to do bouidor photography to have sexy pictures but it sure as hell helps. It forces you to be nice to yourself because you have to pick what you want the focus to be. When I consulted with my photographer I was clear about what I wanted highlighted and what I preferred to be avoided. That clarity helped the final result and I have pictures that I will forever be happy with. Even on days when I am feeling a little less than foxy I look at my pictures and think, I still got it!

Hold out for your true soulmate 

I truly believe meeting a photographer you trust is all based on kismet and their portfolio. When you see the photographer’s work you should see yourself in their picture immediately.

Selfish Phase

Do not wait to take these pictures! Don’t base this decision on anything other than the pure desire to have this moment with yourself.  As adults we take professional pictures when we get married, the family Christmas photo, or never. To others this may look vain but this is an affirmation of your dreamy-ness!


Post one for the world. It affirms that you feel positivly succlent and sexy. If someone doesn’t like it delete them immediately. Make sure you install the timehop app so that next year you can say yeah I did that!

Provide the images you want to see and it will change the landscape of your mind. You can wait on the media to provide you with body confidence or you can get it on your own. You are free to love and enjoy your body until it turns to dust. I want to see your sexy! Post a pic on instagram and hashtag #seeingyourselfsexy the revolution starts here!


My amazing pictures were taking by Amanda Barbosa of Dayton Boudoir. If you live in or near Cincinnati, Ohio she has an incredible eye and the ability to bring out the best in you.

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Stop Letting VBO Be Your Confidence Killer

If you’re anything like me you’re wondering, what the hell is VBO? Visible belly outline it’s what the girdle didn’t pull back. It’s taboo and it is keeping you from feeling good in your clothes.

Who, What, Wear, Plus Size

If you’re anything like me you’re wondering, what the hell is VBO? Visible belly outline it’s what the girdle didn’t pull back. It’s taboo, and it is keeping you from feeling good in your clothes.

After reading Gabi Gregg’s article about respectability, I realized that I am never overly critical of others. I love when a woman has the confidence to leave her house looking good. When it comes to my own looks, I review Facebook pictures like football playbacks.

Is my eye trained to hate itself? I wonder how I would feel about myself if the ideal body image had not been indelibly printed on my brain. This perfect proportion myth that is marketed in promotional clothing campaigns.  I have decided that if I love my body, I plan to embrace my VBO.

3 tips on how to overcome your VBO anxiety:

Choose your poison

I balance my media intake and read lots of body positive media. I still read Instyle Magazine and Vogue, but I use them as inspiration and less as a model for how I see myself. My confidence comes from within but seeing other awesome bloggers embrace themselves does reinforce my beliefs.

Let it Go


After you get dressed, don’t let the imperfections get you down. Accept the compliments and ignore the haters. The reality is it’s not your job to have the perfect body. If you had a personal chef, home gym, and Photoshop you would always look good too. You know Beyonce travels with her photographer. Her Instagram feed is being curated better than the Museum of Modern Art!


Smooth it out

There is a fine line between VBO and needing to go up a size. If the dress fits and you feel like a little shape-wear would go a long way, go for it. Have you ever heard the saying “must be jelly because jam don’t shake like that.” If all is smooth, then make the next move. Just keep in mind smooth doesn’t equal flat.

Wear what makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to try out a new style and don’t let your flaws get you down.

Shop my shapewear favorites!

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DIY Mr Kate Bow Earrings | A Hot DIY Mess

First, let me apologize crimes were committed during the making of this DIY. First I was actually in the process of getting ready to go out while making this DIY. Needless to say you see my real chipped nail polish. While tacky I didn’t want to not document this project, so tacky wins this battle. I love Mr Kate jewelry. I also love the title of her upcoming book A Hot Glue Gun Mess because it’s super fitting to how this DIY went down.

This journey began while I was getting dressed to go to a Jazmine Sullivan concert. I knew I wanted the Mr Kate cadeau clip on earrings but had no time for shipping and handling. (being a diva on a budget is never easy). I then also realized that I didn’t have a bag that I felt matched the low-key concert vibe I was going for. I thought about The Curvynista’s post Bag Lady on fun statement bags and it hit me that I had a purse falling apart and some pom poms. The rest is DIY history.

For these project you will need:




Small bow pins

Clip on earring posts

Liquid gold leafing in your desire color (I used silver and brass)

E6000 or super glue

Paint brush

 For the purse

An old clutch

Yarn pom poms

Hot glue gun



  1.              Shake the liquid leaf to ensure it is well mixed
  2. Paint the pins and allow them to dry
  3. Pull the pin out with a pair of pliers
  4. Place a small amount of glue on the earring post and adhere to the brooch
  5. Use a clothes pin to hold the post in place and allow to dry for up to 4 hours



  1. Cut any unwanted features off the clutch (if your purse does not have pockets move on to step 2)
  2. Lay out your design on the purse first
  3. Place a drop of hot glue on the pom-pom and attach to the purse
  4. Allow to dry for an hour

DSCN0138 DSCN0145 DSCN0147

My outfit pics are live action shots, blogger world problems. Can you believe my friends actually wanted to enjoy the concert? My look was very laid back urban farmer, I styled these pieces with my denim overalls. I really loved my purse I got teased a little but I thought it was very quirky. Because #whynot

P.S. I took the nail polish off before going out!!

Style Snatch: Rihanna inspired DIY

Causal global chic

Style Snatch: Rihanna inspired DIY

Several times a week I endlessly click through to escape the gray walls of my cubical and live vicariously through lives of the fashionistas in the street style section.The street style in New York City is delicious. This week when I saw Rihanna rocking an African print Stella Jean shirt dress I was inspired to get into my craft space and create.


(Photo credit Instagram badgalriri)

My African print bib necklace is a great way to get the look for less. I decided to wear my set with a structured shirt, a playful midi skirt and mix prints (which I am still learning to master). I think this necklace would make bad gal RiRi proud. You don’t have to use African print fabric; this project is versatile enough that you can switch up the fabric and beads to your personal taste. I’m demonstrating on a different fabric than the one I styled to show you the diversity of this piece.
For this project you will need:


Felt (one 8 1/2 by 11 square)
28 inches of 1-inch wide ribbon
1/2 yard of fabric
Fabric glue
Fabric scissors
E6000 or super glue suitable to use on fabric

Word to the wise: a little bar soap and water may come in handy


Step one: I created my own pattern by taking a bib necklace I already have and folding it in half. If you don’t have a necklace, you can print a pattern online or free hand a pattern on white paper. (I ran out of chalk, and white eyeliner can be your friend in a pinch. PS. It won’t stain the fabric.)

Step 2. Trace the necklace on the paper for your choice to create a pattern.


Step 3. Fold your felt and fabric in half and set the pattern on the fold. (cutting the fabric on the fold will allow you to cut out both sides of the necklace at the same time. It will also ensure that the necklace is symmetrical)

Step 4. Glue the felt to the wrong side of the fabric according to your fabric glues instructions. Once dry to the touch cut the ribbon in half and glue the ribbon to the backside of the bib.


Step 5: Arrange your shells on the bib and attach them with E6000 and allow to dry.

Optional Step 6: I wanted to add something to the bottom of my design and give the traditional fabric and shells a modern feel. You can skip this step if you just want shells. With a needle and thread sew the chain to the bib being sure to secure each link by adding as many stitches until the link stays in place without sagging. If you notice the thread is getting caught try wetting a piece of soap with water and running it over your thread.
Word to the wise you could also attach the chain with e6000, I was trying to be fancy!

DSC00389 DSC00391
Outfit details: Top Ava & Viv, Skirt: K&G, Belt: Torrid (sold out online), Bracelet: DIY, Shoes: Guess (old)

For more styling ideas with African print see my Pintrest board African Print 2015
For details on how to make the bracelet check out Mark Montano’s YouTube channel “Make Your Mark.

Hey Spring, Hey!





When I made my New Year’s resolution to have a lifestyle/fashion blog and take it to the next level, I totally underestimated how cold it would be. Being a mid western girl, snow is always welcome in December it goes so well with my Christmas decor. After the holidays the winter weather sets in and I begin to daydream about what spring and summer will bring. While using mental escapism aka online shopping I came across this cute black dress from Boohoo. Boohoo Plus has fashion forward dress options at awesome price points! The front tulip detail and flowy fabric give the dress good movement while updating the high/low craze from last season. (which I am totally not ready to give up)

Buyer beware Boohoo is based out of the UK. The long trip stateside left my dress with a ridiculous amount of static. Even after a good spritz of Static-guard I decided to save this look for the first sign of spring. I thought it would be a great transitional wear now, wear later outfit. Boohoo has luscious things on the way if you haven’t already check out the Nadia Aboulhosn X Boohoo Spring Collection, The Curvy Fashionista has a really great overview of the collection which launches this Monday.

I usually name my wardrobe inspiration for the season. This winter was Chunky Lisa Bonet. This summer I want to live somewhere between Marilyn Monroe and Diana Ross in the 70s. Until I have a offical name I will just greet the new weather by saying “Hey spring, hey”. I can’t wait to chronicle more wisdom from the Wize One. I will be posting more outfit looks and some special diy’s so stay tuned!

Dress, Boots (similar),  Necklace (similar), Rings (similar), Sunglasses