Style Sunday | Jump In To It!



I recently organized my closet, and while I was deciding which items to keep, I realized that I have five jumpsuits. I found this ironic because for the longest time I avoided jumpsuits at all costs! I was under the impression that a jumpsuit would highlight my midsection in an unflattering way.

I was pressed for time one day and picked up a few items and tried on a jumpsuit and I have been hooked ever since. Today I am your personal shopper. I have found some great jumpsuits, and I am breaking down how they will flatter your body.


An Apple A Day

Jumpsuit 3

If you’re an Apple shape or an inverted triangle, don’t be afraid of a jumpsuit it can give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Make sure the fabric is forgiving. If the fabric bunches or it is too tight, you won’t get as crisp of a look. Also, look for a jumpsuit with wide legs to add volume to your bottom half.  This jumpsuit from City Chic is a great investment piece for your evening wear.

Sexy Pears Ahead

Juipsuit 2

Pear shaped divas you are in luck a jumpsuit is your friend. Find one that is more fitted through your bust and waist area and flows over your hips. It will draw attention to your small waist. You will be serving a Grecian feel in the jumpsuit from Ashley Stewart.

Every Hour Of The Day


Hourglass ladies, the jumpsuit, was made with your shape in mind. You can rock any of this jumpsit but if you want to be fire alarm sexy allow me to introduce you this suit from Rue 107, It will turn heads and flatter every curve on your body. This jumpsuit can flatter a variety of shapes if you want some additional coverage I would recommend finding a complimentary long line duster.

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