Style Sunday |Professional Creative



I recently purchased this dress on my recent trip to Mannequin Boutique. I am a sucker for a red dress. After playing around with the dress I feel that I may do some alteration for my own personal taste. I did want to take a moment and breakdown how the style and shape of this dress can work for a plus size professional creative.

Representing yourself as a creative professionally is a challenge in itself. It is difficult finding the balance between individual expression and a look that says I mean business. The challenge gets even greater when you are plus size.


Why this dress works:


This vintage red shirt dress works because the volume of the dress is offset by the menswear details. The strong collar and military style buttons give a professional vibe while the fiery color, playful hemline, and funky accessories speak to individual creativity.SAM_5501.JPG


Walking into a meeting as a freelance writer, artist, or maker is different than in a traditional office setting. You want your look to represent you as a potential innovator. When companies and or businesses are searching for creators they want to know that you’re cutting edge and will help them stand out from everything they are competing against. It’s import to mean business while still maintaining an element of creativity.

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