The Best Way To Style Your Jean Jacket This Season


Let’s Put A Pin In That

Denim is my cure all, anytime I want to tone down anything sleeveless my immediate remedy is to throw on a denim jacket. When I want my individuality to shine through in my personal style brooches are a chic way of adding flair to a jean jacket. Adding a few sparkling broaches to a jean jacket add great juxtaposition to the casual element of denim. It also gives a youthful vibe to a broach.

I have a small collection of pins that I have accumulated over the years. I recently added a vintage ice cream cone broach to my collection, it was a rare find from a vendor at the Ohio State Fair! I often score broaches at thrift stores and second-hand shops it’s a really affordable way to breathe new life into jackets, coats, hats, and cloth handbags! The next time you come across a broach that catches your eye definitely consider adding it to your collection of accessories because the possibilities are endless.

SAM_5040 (2).JPG



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