5 Reasons to be Addicted to Seeing Yourself Sexy


Your only true job is to be attracted to yourself. If you are not attracted to yourself losing ten pound will not help.  It’s a temporary fix, you will just find something else to not like.

Seeing yourself sexy is the gateway drug into the ultimate high, self acceptance. How many images have been shoved down your throat of the “dream woman”. I personally know what is like to not feel like a trophy. Society says that men want trophies which I don’t think is entirely true. (Ok, some of them do but that is not your problem).

I have even had conversations with women where they acknowledge that they were not anyones dream girl. In the words of Tamar Braxton, lies you tell! Dreams are essentially made of feelings so whoever you end up with will find satisfaction in much more than they way you look.

Take control of your image and take your own damn picture. Seriously, take pictures of yourself better yet have a professional take them for you.

Theses are my five tips on seeing yourself sexy:


Get a team

Beyonce has a team and so should you. Have your hair and makeup done professionally it will improve the look of your pictures.  You can go over the details of what look you are trying to achieve and they can guide you in the right direction. Remember inspiration is free but execution has a price you won’t regret having the pros on hand.

Go Boudior or Go Home!

You don’t have to do bouidor photography to have sexy pictures but it sure as hell helps. It forces you to be nice to yourself because you have to pick what you want the focus to be. When I consulted with my photographer I was clear about what I wanted highlighted and what I preferred to be avoided. That clarity helped the final result and I have pictures that I will forever be happy with. Even on days when I am feeling a little less than foxy I look at my pictures and think, I still got it!

Hold out for your true soulmate 

I truly believe meeting a photographer you trust is all based on kismet and their portfolio. When you see the photographer’s work you should see yourself in their picture immediately.

Selfish Phase

Do not wait to take these pictures! Don’t base this decision on anything other than the pure desire to have this moment with yourself.  As adults we take professional pictures when we get married, the family Christmas photo, or never. To others this may look vain but this is an affirmation of your dreamy-ness!


Post one for the world. It affirms that you feel positivly succlent and sexy. If someone doesn’t like it delete them immediately. Make sure you install the timehop app so that next year you can say yeah I did that!

Provide the images you want to see and it will change the landscape of your mind. You can wait on the media to provide you with body confidence or you can get it on your own. You are free to love and enjoy your body until it turns to dust. I want to see your sexy! Post a pic on instagram and hashtag #seeingyourselfsexy the revolution starts here!


My amazing pictures were taking by Amanda Barbosa of Dayton Boudoir. If you live in or near Cincinnati, Ohio she has an incredible eye and the ability to bring out the best in you.

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