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I firmly believe that the best accessory to any summer outfit is glowing skin. I have gone to great lengths to get a dewy full body glow. In high school, I used to mix kosher salt and olive oil before every school dance. As I got older and could purchase my own products I relied mostly on consumer reviews of a product. I have to admit other than the active ingredients I don’t always investigate the other chemicals in my skincare products. When Laura Roberts Jones, a consultant with Beautycounter, contacted me about the high performing, safe cosmetics, and personal care products that Beautycounter offers I was intrigued.

After learning more about Beautycounter and their mission I was sold. The beauty industry is actually an unregulated market so products that we use on our skin aren’t as heavily regulated. The products that we use on our skin can take a toll on our overall health. I even learned more information about how women of color carry a higher toxic load within their bodies and how that may be linked to the products that we use on our bodies. It made me wonder if the healthy glow I have been trying to achieve is hurting me in the long run?


Exfoliate, Protect, and Shine

When I got the opportunity to try a few Beautycounter products for myself I didn’t want to step outside of my normal routine. My normal skincare rule of thumb is exfoliate, protect, and shine. To get the best glow you always want to exfoliate dead skin cells off of clean skin, protect your skin from sun damage, and use a good body oil for that extra shimmer.



. I can honestly say that Beautycounter exceeded my expectations. I love all three of the products I tested and I plan on keeping them in my skincare regimen. The Sugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass has a strong aroma of citrus and it is made from brown sugar and essential oils. I have used a number of body scrubs by different brands where the scrub dissolve instantly once it touches damp skin this sugar scrub doesn’t melt away before you can get it on your body.


The older I get the more I invest in a good sunscreen and I have never used a sunscreen that smelled so good.The more you protect your skin from sun exposure the more longevity your skin will have.  Usually, sunscreen smells almost like a medicinal tonic but the Protect All Over Sunscreen in SPF 30 has a terrific scent. It smells so good it will be the first sunscreen that I won’t forget to reapply.


 My ultimate skincare goal is to get the same glow that Jennifer Lopez has on the red carpet. I just don’t understand what is it that they are putting on her? Well, I think I my wishing may have come true with Lustro Shimmer Oil. I applied it on clean skin after I moisturize and it reminds me almost of a dry oil and absorbs into your skin without getting oil stains all over your clothes. Nothing is more upsetting than feeling sexy and then finding out that you have a grease stain as you are trying to leave the house.


The price point on all of these items are more in the Sephora range so they are more expensive than drugstore brands. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and the reassurance that Beautycounter provides with the list of chemicals they promise they will never user (you can see the full list here). I just love knowing that my “healthy” glow is coming from products that indeed are healthy.

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This post was in collaboration with Laura Roberts Jones of Beautycouter all opinions are my own.

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