I’m a Classic Woman


This post is more of a picture story inspired by a comment made about my hair color. I was sitting in a meeting at work and my coworker said “I never thought someone as sophisticated as you would wear purple hair!”


I took offense to his comment because my hair color doesn’t change┬ámy sophistication level. I work in the tech world. Our employee handbook basically says don’t show up naked.

As a woman showing your creativity through your appearance is always seen as a novelty. I think some people feel more comfortable if you always look the same.

One of the great aspects of being a woman is the constant reinvention of ourselves. We have the ability to carry more than one role. I can be both creative and professional. My coworker will just need to gain some tact.

Where did terms like “classically beautiful” or “beauty standard” derive from? Measuring appearance on a scale is so played out. Society is crying out for acceptance on all levels. I feel like being different needs to be currency in every market. You have the right to evolve from the norm.

No matter a woman’s hair color or style of dress I think there is a classic makeup that we all embody. It’s important as women that we give ourselves the space to be ourselves free from the judgement of others. Be unapologetically you because I’m sure as hell not sorry for my purple hair.


Retro is my thing anything 50’s or 60’s inspired is right up my alley.What’s more classic than gingham print and ice cream. My shirt and skirt are both from Simply Be. Simply Be is a great option for the curvy girl with “classic style”.

I’m closing my post with two quotes from two equally great and wise women:

“Due to a change in color or texture you second guessed your first impression of me”- An expert from the poem Ball of Confusion by Kim Duwaup Bolden

“Dress shabbily and they notice the dress. Dress impeccably and they notice the woman.”- Coco Chanel


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