The High Low Effect

A few months ago I was reading what trends to let go in 2015, and high low dresses were on the list. I was hesitant to post my outfit om the blog; I mean how much wisdom can  I offer being out of season. Since this is my Easter look and the holiday is coming to a close, I can let that notion go. In all honesty, I am not ready to break up with high low dresses. They have an ease that just allow you to flow from one event to the next. With summer on the way, I will take the risk of being behind. A big part of wisdom is standing in your truth and the truth is me, and high low dresses got at thing going on!!

This wasn’t a planned shoot I just took a few impromptu photos and added the garland on for a fun effect. I had no intent on sharing my Easter look since I went for a fresh everyday look. My spring/summer theme is Running Wild and Free. The idea encompasses what I want to be all season. I love the idea of everyday elegant with a touch of glam. I’m an ordinary girl, so I want to do brunch, walk through a few shops, have a drink with my girls, or go to an outdoor concert and transition with ease.  I am also addicted to statement pieces, so I cant help but let my wild side pop up. Are you keeping your high low dresses or letting them go? I say the hell with the rules let’s run wild and free!

Dress: Torrid, Belt: Torrid, Flower Garland: Borrowed from my daughter. LOL Don’t judge me.



DIY Tassel Necklace


You know what they say, if you like it then you should have put a tassel on it. OK, no one says that but I felt that way when I fell in love on with an Isabel Marant beaded tassel necklace. It felt as though we were meant to be until I realized it was $480 and we quickly realized we weren’t meant to be. The best part about a trend is that it is going to move down the supply chain. Think Meryl Streep as Miranda Presley’s speech about cerulean in The Devil Wears Prada. At some point, it will become accessible, and when it did I was internet stalking it on Eloquii, and it sold out before pay-day.
I was sad; until I took a stroll through Joann’s Fabrics, and found these faux leather tassels!!! I bought them and knew that with a little wisdom I could take fashion into my hands!
For this project you will need:
Pre-made tassels
Chain of your desired length
embroidery floss four packs and two different color
Jump Rings
Tape of any kind
Two hair pins or bobby pins
Optional: jump rings

Step 1. Lay out you chain and then measure a length of embroidery floss twice the length of the chain cut and repeat until there is no more embroidery floss left. Continue until there is no more floss left in the pack. Be sure to keep your two colors separate

Step 2. Tie the embroidery floss in a knot around the first link on one end of the chain. Tape the knotted end to your workspace.

Step 3. Braid the embroidery floss under the chain alternating the colors by pulling the floss through the chain with the bobby pin. (very similar to using a needle and thread)

Step 4. Tie the remaining floss in a knot at the end. In all honesty, if you cut floss long enough you can tie a knot, and it will be sufficient without a closure. If not, pull out the lobster claw and jump ring and get busy.


Step 5. Open a jump ring and attach the tassel to the jump ring. Select where on the necklace you want the tassel. Attach with a jump ring to the chain and close the jump ring. Repeat this step with many or as little tassels as you like



Torrid: Shirt, Torrid:Sunglasses

If you make a tassel necklace, I would love to see!!  Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram #ohwizeone

Word to the wise

If my tassel necklace isn’t your style check out other tassel inspiration on my pintrest board. To get a better look at the for braiding technique check out the video from youtube that inspired me here:

Hey Spring, Hey!





When I made my New Year’s resolution to have a lifestyle/fashion blog and take it to the next level, I totally underestimated how cold it would be. Being a mid western girl, snow is always welcome in December it goes so well with my Christmas decor. After the holidays the winter weather sets in and I begin to daydream about what spring and summer will bring. While using mental escapism aka online shopping I came across this cute black dress from Boohoo. Boohoo Plus has fashion forward dress options at awesome price points! The front tulip detail and flowy fabric give the dress good movement while updating the high/low craze from last season. (which I am totally not ready to give up)

Buyer beware Boohoo is based out of the UK. The long trip stateside left my dress with a ridiculous amount of static. Even after a good spritz of Static-guard I decided to save this look for the first sign of spring. I thought it would be a great transitional wear now, wear later outfit. Boohoo has luscious things on the way if you haven’t already check out the Nadia Aboulhosn X Boohoo Spring Collection, The Curvy Fashionista has a really great overview of the collection which launches this Monday.

I usually name my wardrobe inspiration for the season. This winter was Chunky Lisa Bonet. This summer I want to live somewhere between Marilyn Monroe and Diana Ross in the 70s. Until I have a offical name I will just greet the new weather by saying “Hey spring, hey”. I can’t wait to chronicle more wisdom from the Wize One. I will be posting more outfit looks and some special diy’s so stay tuned!

Dress, Boots (similar),  Necklace (similar), Rings (similar), Sunglasses

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