Did you know I also offer personal styling and shopping sessions? Don’t live in Cincinnati? No problem! I also offer virtual styling through Skype, email, and social media.  From professional to play, begin your outfit with me, your personal stylist.

Stylish Virtual Assistant

Do you hate online shopping? Do cringe when you see a sign in the store that says more options online? In all honesty, there are more options online but it’s hard to gauge if you will like an item or if it will fit when you can’t see the product. I am an experienced online shopper for my blog and my styling clients. We can email or get on social media and talk about your style, how to take your measurements, and online shopping will be a breeze from now on.

Closet Consultation

This is a perfect way for me to learn your personal style and get a taste of what you’re wanting. From there we will begin a plan to best customize your closet; I will put together a variety of new outfits from pieces that you already have in your closet. We will best re-work your everyday pieces into new, fun and unique outfits without spending a dime!

 Shopping session

Now, this is the fun part! For our shopping session, we will find stores that hold items best for you and your wallet. First, we will start with basics and then progress into fun additions like jewelry, accessories and statement pieces. This is a chance for you to try on pieces best for your body shape and help reinvent your wardrobe!

 Photo shoot stylist

Need a stylist to help style your models or clients for shoots? I have professional photo shoot experience from engagement, couple, family and model shoots. I will put together an inspiration board on Pinterest for clients to look at and then I will meet with them the week of the shoot to help put together 1-3 outfits. The day of the shoot I will be behind the scenes to adjust wardrobe, fix hair & makeup and help with props.

Email for styling rate kit




I use Laura (Oh Wize One) to style me for all of my poetry shows, appearances, and photo shoots. In the picture (above, below), I reached out to Oh Wize One in need of styling for a last minute photo shoot. I wanted to be comfortable, cute, and look flattering in my outfit. I held a virtual consultation with Laura where she helped me pick out clothes, from my own closet, that fit my vision. Oh Wize One exceeded my expectations… as usual!

Cocoa Flo


Laura Wize (Oh Wize One) has saved my fashion life on several occasions.  I’m a last minute planner when it comes to what to wear, even for special events.  I’m typically pretty good at whipping up an outfit on the spot, but sometimes the occasion calls for much more than a whipped up outfit.  So, instead of being last minute stressed about what to wear, I started calling on Laura for her expertise in planning and executing the perfect outfit for every special occasion.  We now have a system. When an occasion such as a performance or appearance is booked or special occasion is scheduled, I let her know immediately.  From there it’s really as simple as letting her know how I’m feeling and what look I’m shooting for and she takes it from there. She’s everything from my style consultant to my personal shopper.  Not only is she knowledgeable about current fashion trends and what looks are best for each body type, she really listens and takes into consideration your natural comfort zone while challenging you to try something new. Without fail, every look she’s crafted for me has been freaking fabulous and made me feel amazing and empowered.  

-Kim Duwaup Bolden

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