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Hey Y’all,

I’m Laura Wize also known as Oh Wize One. I’m a Cincinnati born and raised girl who loves 90’s R&B and unicorns. I am a writer, a spoken word artist, and just your average everyday fashionista. I just want to live an incredibly stylish life despite living in the Midwest surrounded by a sea of wrinkled t-shirts and flip flops.

After working in retail and customer service I decided that I needed a creative outlet. I began sharing my poems and performing on stages all over. I brought my style to the stage and noticed that it inspired other artists to enhance their style as well. After helping women on and off stage get dressed I wanted to be able to share my tips on getting dressed and keeping a good mind.

It seems that being smart and stylish aren’t mutually exclusive. Well, that thought process needs to change. I hope you enjoy my take on being sharp inside and out. Some people live out loud but I live Wize. I hope that you enjoy my weekly posts. I hope that you enjoy the magic!

Where insight, truth and art intersect, you will find Laura Wize. This blogger, speaker, writer, and poet, called “The Wize One”, devotes her energies to enhancing and uplifting anyone she can.
Through her blog, www.ohwizeone.com, she demonstrates how fashion, style, passion, and artistry can rejuvenate the soul. She uses her writing to empower fashionistas to achieve their dreams and use their voice to positively impact their world. Laura merges creativity and conscience to unify the thinker with the diva guiding enlightenment to creativity.
Laura began her writing journey at the age of 16, and currently freelances professionally and is the co-owner of BOLD Creative Solutions consulting company. She performs spoken word and poetry throughout the country and has featured prominently in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Kentucky. Since 2009, when she began performing her blend of word and wisdom, she has co-written, co-produced and co-starred in the spoken word stage play (as one fourth of the female spoken word collective P.I.M,P Hand Strong that also included Kim “Duwap” Bolden, Symana “She Speaks” Dillingham, and Mikhaila “Statuesque” Henderson) Indestructible Bloom (2012), has written three spoken word projects including the soundtrack for Indestructible Bloom, Kiss & Tale, and Fanning Flames (along with spoken word artist Kim “Duwaup” Bolden). Laura shares her wisdom through her freelance writing for magazines (AltOhio.com, HerLookMagazine.com) and through her blog.
Laura Wize believes all of these achievements have prepared her to share her heart and journey in new platforms. She looks forward to working with youth groups, businesses, and community organizations ready for a fresh take on empowerment, diversity, mobility, and proactively enabling long-term high-impact catalysts for change

Top Posts:

How A Crop Top Ruined My Relationship 

Lemon Fresh

Slut Shaming vs. Good Girl Defaming

Over The Knee and Through The Woods

A Seat At The Desirable Table

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Della Dorsey says:

    I’m SO thankful for your Blog !!!!! I have the same body shape as your’s and it is VERY difficult to find a blog that represents us !!! I see the many different styles you make work for you and it shows me that I can be Fresh and Cute too !!!!

    Thank you and keep posting !!!!

    Della : )


  2. Stephanae V. McCoy says:

    Hello there, thank you for visiting and following my blog. I read an article of yours yesterday that was featured on another blog I follow and I meant to come back here to comment. I was impressed with your piece on your purple hair and society’s view on beauty (one of my favorite subjects). You sound like an intriguing person and I can’t wait to read more of your material. ~Steph

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lifecoachces says:

    Hi Oh Wize One,

    I hope all is well!

    Before anything else, I must applaud you for such a commendable and enlightening website. You provide an incredible support system for the DIY’er in all of us — acting as an inspiration, safe haven and outlet for the artistically inclined. All of which has landed you a spot in my article for Empire Life Magazine (EmpireLifeMag.com), entitled If You Want Something Done Right, DIY! (http://empirelifemag.com/if-you-want-something-done-right-diy/)


    This piece was recently released on the cusp of my first month as a volunteer contributing writer for Empire Life Magazine — and is an accomplishment that I’m elated to share with you. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your family, followers and fans, as well.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for all that you do and for being apart of this unforgettable moment. May you continue to thrive and stimulate minds around the world!

    Sincerely yours,

    ​CEO & Founder of Solace Services, LLC.


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