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#CurrentlyObsessed | Long Boots and Short Dresses



Every season I get obsessed with a concept and find multiple ways to rock a wardrobe combination. Currently, I’m all about mini dresses and over the knee boots.  Which for me is a change because I normally rock a longer hemline on the account that I am short waisted.

Being short waisted is a nice way of my butt sits up really high which means my skirt will appear appropriate in the front and the full monty in the back. Which is a common dilemma for us Tulip shaped girls (Find out more about our body type here)  Is this you too?

Is this too short?

Here is the deal, if you are tall, have a long inseam, or just struggle with hemlines, in general, there is hope for us all! This combination works so well because I’ve added visual balance to my look. My legs are the highlight and the boots give coverage so this short dress seems playful and not vulgar.

Also, this dress is cut longer in the back and higher in the front so I’m covering my assets. If you like to show off your legs check the measurements when online shopping and make sure the back seam is 35 inches from the shoulder to your hemline.  Don’t forget to check the review sections for pictures from women who have also purchased the dress!!

Jacket: Old Navy, Dress: Target, Boots: JustFab

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