Style Hack | Style Your Dress as a Vest


It’s about to be mid-October and I just want to know, where is fall at? My transitional wardrobe can only make it another week I’m ready for jackets and boots already. If you can relate I have a great style hack for you that will help make the most of your favorite sleeveless dresses.

Unbutton Your Dress

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So If my vest looks familiar that is because I’ve already posted this dress on the blog before. Wearing a button-down dress as a vest or a duster is a great way to make a piece do double duty in your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a sleeveless dress you can really do this with any button-down dress. So unbutton that dress and get the optimum cost per wear out of your favorite dresses.




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3 responses to “Style Hack | Style Your Dress as a Vest”

  1. Laura, I just love how inventive you are. I’m all about making items in your wardrobe be as versatile as possible. LOL, it’s practical my moto. I love this trench vest. It’s such a different spin on a classic staple.

  2. I love your style!

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