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Professional Pretty Conference Recap


It’s amazing when you live in a city that feels as small as Cincinnati how you can miss out on what other dope women have going on. (I mean you think we’d all already know each other) As a business owner and career professional, I can get tunnel vision and forget that an integral part of expanding my brand is growing my personal network. This past weekend I attended the Professional Pretty Conference with over 100 entrepreneurs and career women.

The Professional Pretty Conference is the brainchild of Morgan A. Owens who’s mission is that women can be “powerful and pretty”.  She’s inspiring women to empower themselves beyond just being a pretty face. After launching two successful brands, she is sharing her success and providing women with the opportunity to expand their networks. The full-day conference gave attendees access to valuable information to help further their careers and personal brands.  The day was flexible and allowed you to choose from a variety of workshops, attend panels with industry insiders, and shop from local brands.

What I enjoyed most was interacting with women who were all at different points in their careers. It was a great opportunity to encourage women who are just starting in their fields and gain knowledge from more seasoned professionals. I can only see the conference growing next year.

Suit: SimplyBe ( Jacket, Pants), Sneakers: Adidas 

I rocked a suit and sneakers. I was feeling very Tracee Ellis Ross via her Instagram feed. I wanted to fit the laid back professional feeling of the day. It was also nice to attend an 8-hour event and my feet not hurt halfway through the day thanks to my cloud foam Adidas!



If you’re not in the Cincinnati tristate area I encourage you to go out and expand your network. Focusing on your career can start to feel isolating at times and it’s always good to be around like-minded people who can relate to some the same issues you are facing.

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