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5 Plus Size Online Boutiques that Cater to Your Grown Woman Style


Shopping at smaller boutiques always adds interesting pieces to your wardrobe. If you hate to see someone else in your outfit I highly recommend shopping at boutiques. Smaller inventory means you are less likely to see someone else rocking the same slay as you. As much as I love shopping at boutiques it can be challenging to find items above a size 10.  I love how the internet comes to the rescue and I can buy from online boutiques that carry plus sizes.

In the past, I had preconceived notions about online boutiques. The problem with an online boutique is, unlike a Target or Lane Bryant., you can’t try the item on prior to purchasing them. My other issue with online boutiques is the same thing with large retailers, there is usually a limited selection and maybe one or two skintight dresses made of what I like to call “stretch and fit” material that appears thin and unflattering.

I eventually challenged myself on my preconceived notions because I really wanted to add some more “unique” styles to my wardrobe. I looked for shops that offered extended selections beyond just club wear. I love having sexy options for evening but I was really looking to add some unexpected, fun, and sophisticated options into my spring/summer wardrobe.  Plus, you miss 100% of all the shots you don’t shoot so I decided to take a shot and shop a few boutiques and I was pleasantly surprised.

Plus Size Spring Outfit

5 Plus Size Online Boutiques that Cater to Your Grown Woman Style

1. Feed-n-Clothe-Me 

Can we talk about this top I have on? When my blogger boo @Feednclothme went from blogger to online boutique I was so excited. I knew her transition meant that the selection would be curated by someone with amazing personal style. She has a nice selection of feminine tops, maxi dresses, and coordinating sets that will give all the fly vibes.

Now there are some sexy looks perfect for a night out on the town. always carries items with a lot of sophisticated details. Be sure to check the size chart and know your measurements anything I have ordered from them has run very true to size.

3. Jibri

Ok, I haven’t personally shopped here but several of my friends and clients have. I love everything on Jibri! Jibri’s innovative, well made, colorful, and of the moment pieces will be items you will keep in your wardrobe forever. Also if you’re a plus size bride in search of something different for your special day I would check out their bridal selection.   There are definitely some gems to be found. I see your reception dress and you look fabulous!

4. Zellie For She

If you’re about to vacation check Zellie for She, this is not a drill! Zellie For She always has something perfect for casually just slaying on the beach. The slayage will be so real! Long flowing maxi dresses that scream take me to the beach. If you love prints you will adore the selection of separates. This line is grown, sexy, with lots of frequent flyer miles.

5. KenBri Boutique

I love the selection and the versatility that a lot of the items at KenBri Boutique. The selection will not disappoint you. Everyone will ask you, “where did you get that from?” This would be a great place to start looking for items to wear to summer concerts.  I have a few items on my wishlist and will be sharing in some upcoming looks on the blog!! #staytuned


Here are a few tips on online boutique shopping

  1. Don’t Waste Your Money. Look for Reviews!! All of the sites I mentioned above share and repost pictures from their customers. If you only see written reviews that are at best mixed and no interaction with customers on social media don’t shop with them. When I am shopping I type in the name of the boutique in google and see if you can find any reviews from other bloggers. A blogger will give you a more in-depth review on the product and have more pictures of the merchandise. You can get a closer look. If it seems to be too good to be true it probably is.

2. Know Your Measurements and Read the Return Policy! If you don’t have measuring tape please go to the dollar store now and buy one. Return policy’s matter.  You don’t want to be stuck with a very expensive garment that didn’t meet your expectations. You will be double mad!


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Is “Confident” the New Codeword For Fat?

Is "Confidence" the New Codeword for Fat?

I’m not sure if I’m paranoid or if I have yet to master the art of accepting a compliment. I have this sneaking suspicion that confidence is a code. A disguise lingering in the comments section lurking under “WERK” and the handclap emojis praising your latest Fashion Nova Curve purchase. Up until recently, I was willing to dismiss comments like “I wish I had that kind of confidence”, as innocent, but not all praises of confidence are created equal.


I stumbled across a video of The Alabama Honey Beez drill team that my friend shared on social media.  Her caption read “These girls are getting it!” It immediately made me stop and watch it. I was filled with excitement and envy because I wish so badly that had some rhythm. When I noticed the caption from the original source of the shared video it read “I wish I was this confident.”


I didn’t want to take a defensive stance but there lies a certain level of truth in any initial reaction. It made me ask myself “What is so confident about a dance team?”  Who would voluntarily try out to be on a dance team if they couldn’t, well, dance? Is ability, skill and practice confidence or talent? The vibe that I caught from the caption that offered a proclamation of confidence was shady!

Shady in the sense that someone would make the assumption that big girls can’t dance. As if, they were saying if I was that big I wouldn’t be dancing let alone be on a dance team. Like this group of talented women need some proverbial confidence cookie. This video is not the only time I see confidence being used as code for “Oh look at you. You’re fat but look at you trying”. I always want to reply to “confident” comments with “take your confidence and….” (you know the rest)

Target Who, What, Wear Wrap Top

People are quick to say things like “I admire your confidence” after you post a picture of yourself on vacation in a bathing suit. What’s so confident about swimming on vacation? Please tell me. I think a lot of this confidence is people just doing what they genuinely want to do and it doesn’t make them any more confident than the next person. Fulfilling a desire to do anything isn’t confidence. Confidence is firm trust and you don’t have to trust anything to do what you want to do. I often want french fries from Mc Donald’s. I don’t trust Mc Donald’s I just like french fries regardless of the lingering consequences.

As a blogger, I experience blatant misuse of the word confidence all the time. People admire my confidence to have style or wear a bodycon dress. I know some people genuinely do lack confidence for their own personal reasons but when people say I admire your confidence to my face with a twisted mouth and tone riddled with pity, I know what they mean. I’ll pass on their confidence cookies. I’d rather eat Mc Donald’s, it’s less toxic.

body positive blogger

Like I said, this could all be just my imagination running away with me, but I don’t think it is. Your mother told you if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Most people translate that into if you don’t have anything nice to say find a way to rephrase it so you can still say something mean. If you have experienced the tail end of unwarranted “confidence” just remember your living your best life. Well if your best life is eating secret fries maybe not but at least you’re doing what you want to do!

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How to Look Successful

Plus Size Workwear Outfit

In a perfect world, no one should judge you based on your appearance. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Making a good first impression is the gateway to creating more interest in who you are as a person.  People like to pass off style as superficial but how you dress is nonverbal communication. What does your style say about you when you interact with people for the first time?

Few things surprise me as much meeting a woman whose success is inconspicuous based on her attire.  In no way do I want to discredit a woman because of how she dresses but I’m fully aware of the reality that if a woman is dressed less than a BOSS, she may be treated as such, at least upon the first impression. I never want anyone to mistake her for anything other than what she is! I feel what you wear should exude who you are and what you do. So, today I wanted to give tips on how to “look successful”. (The good news is I’m not breaking the bank either!)

Shop my look:

I’d Rather You MIstake Me For The Boss

Target A New Day Pinstripe Suit

As the old saying goes sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. If you are just starting out in corporate America, have an important meeting, or giving a presentation you need to look like you’re in charge. This even applies to entrepreneurs.  When you’re out and about you never know who you will run into.  Looking successful can help turn a casual run-in into an impromptu meeting. This is just one more way of contributing to your environment because if you look accomplished you will, in turn, believe it. That will give you the confidence to actually be successful.

Plus Size Spring Workwear

Boss on a Budget Essentials

You’re not the boss yet? If you want to look successful and not break the bank here are my top tips:
  1. Thrift- I know that is not what you want to hear but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten lucky shopping second hand. Just keep your eyes open and do not thrift when you’re in a rush. You can find a great blazer or even business accessories like briefcases/messenger bags perfect for toting around your laptop in at a great price
  2. A Power Suit- When you find one that fits you’ll understand why they call it a POWER suit. The power suit is huge for spring. An affordable power suit isn’t impossible to find.  The one I’m wearing is from TARGET (Available up to a 3X)!! Now is not the time to look stuffy. Just think of your suit as a coordinating set. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and wear a fun print under your blazer. Get the best cost per wear and split up your suit jacket and pants by restyling them with other items in your wardrobe.
  3. Nude Pumps- They go with everything… black, blue and brown!! You name it, they work!
  4. Go monochromatic for the win- If you’re in an ultra-professional atmosphere you will want to stay in a basic color (black, white, navy, gray, olive). If you work in a creative atmosphere you can venture out to more colorful pastures. Wearing a head to toe color looks extremely expensive and chic. Bonus is it also makes you look taller if you’re petite! Nothing says boss like expensive. Looking like money will attract money that’s. That’s universal law. Ok, I made that up but it sounds good!
  5. Alterations- If you are lazy like me waiting for alterations feels daunting but just remember nothing ruins a look faster than an ill-fitting garment. Tailored clothes gives a polished look that says rich. Waiting a few days to get the perfect fit it will set you apart in a room full of ready to wear suits off the rack.


Target A New Day Pinstripe Suit

It’s More Than Just a Look

If you have the goods it’s imperative to have a look of authority because it’s a natural instinct to believe what your eyes are seeing. You can apply these tips to fit your work atmosphere. Walking into a room and looking like a success sets the tone and everyone knows how to address you from the start. Good luck boss lady!

Cincinnati Plus Size Stylist

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How a Great Outfit Can Make Networking Easy

Target A New Day Trench Dress

Meeting new people makes me feel really anxious.

I am always here for an empowering #girlboss gathering. I am always searching my newsfeed trying to find my next opportunity mix, mingle, and exchange business cards with cool women in business like myself. The problem is that networking is essentially talking to people you don’t know and striking up a conversation with a stranger has never been my strong suit. If you are gun shy like me showing up and looking like you belong can actually start conversations you would have never started on your own.

Target A New Day Plus Size Trench Dress

Dress: Target, Bodysuit: Boohoo, Boots: JustFab, Purse: Nanette Lapore (similar)

What Do You Wear to These Things Anyway?

There are so many variations of business meet-ups there is the networking happy hour, professional development talks, lunch and learns, and full day professional conferences. From my own experience, all of these events have a relaxed professional feel. Just because you can wear jeans to something doesn’t always mean that you should.

A look that speaks to others always makes you stand out without being overly ostentatious. Do use this opportunity to incorporate pieces of your wardrobe that show off your personality because that will turn into a talking point when you and others are struggling to segway small talk into asking about your business endeavors.

Cincinnati Plus Size Blogger

Top Ten Tips to Make Your Outfit Speak

  1. Plan ahead. I feel like I am always saying this but it helps. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that your go-to outfit has a broken zipper or doesn’t fit the way you remember. If you are shopping your own closet be sure to make time to have your items dry cleaned or professionally pressed. Low on cash? Ironing in advance will save you a few pennies but who wants to iron at the last minute?
  2. Start your search for the perfect separates now. Invest in a blazer I know it’s hard finding the perfect fit and to make it easy for yourself shop where they have in-store alterations.  (Nordstrom Rack, K&G, Nordstrom all have on-site alterations)
  3. A great pair of non-denim pants, and stay away from khakis without any lycra content because who wants to iron? I know pants are hard for many body types as a plus size tulip shape here are some of my favorite pants: Eloquii Kady Pant (Gena Fit) Pant, New York & Co. Wide Leg pant size 18, Target Ava & Viv Slacks. A shell,. in non-old lady terms, a shell is an undershirt made of woven fabric that can be worn under a blazer. Having a few will help you mix and match separates and stretch out your semi-professional looks so you’re not constantly searching for new things to wear to an event.
  4. Spice up a dress. I love the trench coat inspired dress pictured above. I am wearing a patterned bodysuit underneath for additional coverage of my arms. Also, what are the chances I will run into another woman wearing the same bodysuit under my dress? Pretty slim. Finding a great dress is so easy but when your buying clothes from major retailers someone else may have also found that same great dress adding additional interest to a look also helps you stand apart.
  5. Crisp, is the word I associate with all business functions. Look for pieces that have suiting elements but aren’t actual suiting. Look for suiting patterns like tweed, pinstripe, and plaids that look inspired by menswear. The menswear-inspired pattern will give an item with more of relaxed silhouette a business feel so it feels relaxed but still looks professional.
  6. Great flats, I know I have on heels in this post but do as I say and not as I do, LOL. After going to several conferences last year I learned the hard way your shoes need to be comfortable. There can be a lot of walking and standing at these events. I love these flats for spring: here, here
  7. Be comfortable. You’ve been warned this is not the day for your good girdle, shoes that hurt your feet, or dresses with buttons that are in distress.
  8. Keep it young and fresh. It’s ok to bring relaxed elements to your office staples. That’s what this networking look is all about. Wear a date night blouse with slacks or if you want to rock a t-shirt and jeans to a happy hour mixer pair that combination with your suit blazer. Even better pair low top sneakers with your suit for a fun twist.
  9. Have fun with accessories. A pop of color, a cool pin on your lapel, or unique jewelry are all awesome pieces that will draw attention to your look in a good way. Just remember to keep wear these pieces in moderation. Remeber this should be an accent to your look and not overkill.
  10. My biggest attention-grabbing secret.  A power bag. You’ve heard of a power suit. Well, what about a power bag. Sometimes it’s designer and sometime’s it’s not. It’s usually in a standout color or has ornate hardware but it always grabs attention. I can’t tell you how many networking contacts I started conversations with after getting a compliment on my bag. This convertible tote is perfect because you can wear it all together or unzip the front pouch and wear it as a clutch.

Just Fab Snake Skin Mid Calf Boot

nanette lepore circle handbag

What to Wear to a Conference

Your outfit can only say so much

Keep in mind that your outfit may start the conversation but you will have to close the deal. Smile, try not to look deeply uncomfortable (hardest part) and be confident you deserve to be in the room. This is your chance to extend your circle and make some new contacts. I always find that people are often just as nervous as I am. Making your outfit work is just you getting into character so it’s not a Banna Republic blazer it’s a cape helping you step into the role of Super Woman. You got this girl!


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