5 Plus Size Online Boutiques that Cater to Your Grown Woman Style

 As much as I love shopping at boutiques it can be challenging to find items above a size 10.  I love how the internet comes to the rescue and I can buy from online boutiques that carry plus sizes.

Is “Confident” the New Codeword For Fat?

I’m not sure if I’m paranoid or if I have yet to master the art of accepting a compliment. I have this sneaking suspicion that confidence is a code. A disguise lingering in the comments section lurking under “WERK” and the handclap emojis praising your latest Fashion Nova Curve purchase. Up until recently, I was willing to dismiss comments like “I wish I had that kind of confidence”, as innocent, but not all praises of confidence are created equal.

How to Look Successful

In a perfect world, no one should judge you based on your appearance. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Making a good first impression is the gateway to creating more interest in who you are as a person.  People like to pass off style as superficial but how you dress is nonverbal communication. What does your style say about you when you interact with people for the first time?

How a Great Outfit Can Make Networking Easy

There are so many variations of business meet-ups there is the networking happy hour, professional development talks, lunch and learns, and full day professional conferences From my own experience all of these events have a relaxed professional feel. Just because you can wear jeans to something doesn’t always mean that you should.