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Dressing for Your Body Type: Are You a Tulip Shape?


There is a lot of debate on dressing for your body type. Some style gurus say throw all the rules away and others say it’s the foundation for creating a stylish look. I love getting dressed but for women who don’t, I can see why you would want some guidelines to help when styling yourself, especially if you don’t have a widely talked about body type.


I think there are some common misconceptions about being plus size.  Even though we are all shopping in the same section I feel that curvy hourglass and apple shapes are getting a lot of visibility. As an inverted triangle, I can see why no one talks about it. It doesn’t even sound fun.  I mean, hourglass suggests bends and curves which are ideal and hell, at least apples taste good.  I like to call my inverted triangle shape a “tulip”. I bloom at the top and have a slender stem at the bottom.

femalebodytypeinfographic (2)

Tulip Shape Features

  • Broad Shoulders
  • Full Bust
  • Narrow Hips
  • Lean Legs
  • Slight Waist

Tulip Shopping dilemmas

  • You often feel like two different sizes – larger on the top and smaller on the bottom
  • Hard time finding pants that fit your midsection and your narrow hips
  • Difficulty finding the perfect button down shirt
  • Balancing your shape so that you look proportional
  • Being questioned if you are even plus size because of where you carry your weight. (according to these clothing manufacturers the answer is YES)




Tulip Shape No-Brainers

  • Full Skirts- creating volume on your bottom half creates balance
  • Embrace the delicate art of tucking in your shirt and BODYSUITS!!
  • Tops and Jackets that stop at your hip
  • Duster length sweaters, vests, and jackets over body-conscious pieces
  • Wide Leg Pants (Yes, Please)
  • Anything that shows off your legs (add to cart)
  • Anything chiffon or flowing add light volume to give you more balance to your frame

There are pros and cons to any body shape but as far my style goes I don’t think there is anything I won’t wear. I am however more conscious of certain styles that highlight how narrow my lower body is because drawing too much attention can make me look top heavy.  I don’t ever want to hide my shape but I also don’t want to enter the room with my narrow hips either. I reserve skinny straight leg styles for when I have a great tunic or a blazer to accompany them. I am more likely to rock a full A-line skirt but that doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally find a well-made pencil skirt. It’s all about playing with angels and lines that make you feel the most comfortable.

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