My Dirty Little Secret | Seriously Single

What I’m about to admit is the adult female equivalent of sucking your thumb after infancy…
I still love my ex-boyfriend. I don’t want to get back together but he’s my favorite least favorite guy.

Dressing for Your Body Type: Are You a Tulip Shape?

There is a lot of debate on dressing for your body type. Some style gurus say throw all the rules away and others say it’s the foundation for creating a stylish look. I love getting dressed but for women who don’t, I can see why you would want some guidelines to help when styling yourself, especially if you don’t have a widely talked about body type.

Valentine Vibes | 3 Outfits for 3 Dates

Not all dates happen at night. I wanted to bring you three Valentine’s Day looks for three different dates. I threw in some tips on…