It’s Always Cold on NYE

Plus Size New Year's Eve Outfit

Plus Size New Year's Eve Outfit

I am still in full holiday mode. If it doesn’t consist of drinking eggnog, eating cookies, and looking at my Christmas tree you can count me out. I did want to step out of my holiday hangover and offer some New Year’s Eve style inspiration.

In my experience, it’s always freezing cold on New Year’s Eve, ALWAYS. I have gotten increasingly more concerned with creating a complete look with my outerwear every NYE. After the party, no matter how stylish the look nothing is cute about freezing to death on your way back to your car.

Plus Size Holiday Outfit

Stylish Accessories to Keep You Warm

Luxe Scarves 

Adding a scarf that has a luxurious feel to it will instantly amp up your everyday wool coat.

  1. Velvet Scarf
  2. Color Block Fur Stole 
  3.  Cara New York Striped Faux Fur Sole 
  4. Velvet Scarf Option 2


Nothing is more ladylike than gloves.  And let’s face it, the steering wheel is ice cold!!

  1. Plaid Gloves
  2. Leather Gloves
  3. Fur Leather Gloves


A few hats that will keep your head warm and chic.

  1. Velvet Beret 
  2. Pearl Studded Beanie 
  3. Fur Ear Muffs 

Plus Size Holiday Outfit

Cincinnati Plus Size Stylist

Despite the cold, I hope that you all find magical ways to ring in the New Year. Take time to reflect on all that you have made it through this year. If you are not into resolutions write down what you hope 2018 will bring into your life. Acknowledgment is the first step towards improvement. Most of us don’t want a miracle we just want to be better than last year. Stay Warm and see you next year!

Plus Size Holiday Outfit

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  1. Gloves are my favorite accessory to wear when its cold out. Although here in Texas it is rarely cold enough. Great post and tips!

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