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Plaid, It’s a Vibe | Wize Style Wednesday


The holiday season is here! I am ready to camp out on my couch, eat cookies, watch Christmas movies and look at the lights twinkle on my Christmas tree. I just want to become one with hot cocoa. As I have been styling holiday looks this year I feel like if you’ve seen one sequin dress you’ve seen them all.  Right? Not really, but a special occasion outfit can only get so much wear. Sure you can restyle it and tone it down but seriously, what does it mean that you wore it 3 times instead of once?

Separates have been the answer to my “What am I going to wear” holiday dilemmas. I like adding sparkle or accessories that have a festive vibe and mixing them with pieces of my wardrobe that I can continue to wear throughout the winter season.

I bought this plaid skirt months ago from J Crew (it was a Christmas miracle that it even fits!). I know it’s a formal skirt but I figured something would pop eventually and when it does this skirt will be my ram in the bush.

Catch the Vibe

I planned on being very traditional by pairing this skirt with a basic white button-down shirt. Then I decided to have a little fun instead.  This sheer sparkle top gave unexpected flair and I added the leather jacket because… why not? It gave the skirt a cool vibe that I had never intended on it having. Now I am excited to see what other separates in my closet I can give a holiday vibe too!

Mad About Plaid

Here are a few more looks for more plaid inspiration.


*Photos via Pinterest

Here are is a plus size plaid skirt shopping option at  and bonus this skirt comes in several colors!


Create Your Own

Creating this look is all about allowing the plaid to shine. Think about pairing your skirt with a solid top or if you’re feeling brave you can pattern mix as well. I just love a maxi skirt fit for cold weather.

Skirt: J Crew, (similar here), Top: Forever 21, Jacket, Forever 21 old (similar)

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Thank you so much to Sara Harr of S.N.H. Photography. All photo credit belongs to Sara except where noted.


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