A Look Back at 2017

When I reflect on this past year I realized that I need to practice gratitude and live in the moment more. I am a results-oriented person so if I don’t get my desired result I tend to feel like I missed the mark. Pushing myself to always be my best self has made me gloss over major wins that I had this year. There comes a time to stop being humble and step up and accept your reward.

So as this year comes to a close I am taking my wins and sharing them with all of my readers. I hope that claiming my wins also helps you to look back over your year and uncover your own wins that you did not celebrate.


The Lit Ball

My year started on such a high note being honored by my good friend January York. Her annual ball empowers and recognizes women’s creative and personal triumphs. I got to connect with women that I will forever have a connection with. I was so humbled to be honored and just to be in a room filled with beautiful women who are trying to impact the world around them.


The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo

I had the time of my life at the TCF Style Expo. I got to meet so many other awesome curvy women, bloggers, and influencers. The expo was more than just a time to shop. The panels and workshops that really started conversations and created open forms for women to open up about their style journeys really proved to me that size inclusion is necessary. Our efforts for inclusion will affect how women see themselves for years to come.



I got the opportunity to work with several great brands like JORD Watches, JustFab, and Elvi (by far one of my favorite new plus size brands).


My Favorite #OOTD’s



Behind The Scenes

As a co-owner of BOLD Creative Solutions, I am always involved with creative professionals in the greater Cincinnati area. Whether we are consulting with an individual or planning events we love keeping our ear to the ground and keeping Cincinnati creative and cool.



Working with Eloquii

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find out that Eloquii was opening a pop-up in Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. When they reached out to me to plan an in-store event I was thrilled to say the least. I wanted to do more than just plan another sip and shop I wanted to help women who needed help getting a fresh start. Empowerment is about lifting each other up so reaching out to Dress for Success Columbus was a no-brainer for me.

Styling women is something always gives me so much joy. Personal style is something that helps everyone feel powerful. I am so glad we got to extend that power to curvy women in need! I am happy to say that now Eloquii will be working with Dress for Success as a partner.


Did I mention I Co-Wrote and Co-Created a Web Series???

The Lounge web series premiered this December. It was almost 9 months in the making before it premiered. I was so excited to collaborate with the other writers and executive producers of the project. Be sure to check out all 4 episodes of the first season on YouTube


All Around Cincinnati

I love covering events in Cincinnati. I love to show people what is happening in my Cincinnati. I love my hometown and showing all of the cool and diverse events that happen in my neck of the woods is always a joy! Thank you so much to the Cincinnati Art Museum, Renika J. Smiley of Girl Talk,  Pink Tulip Club, and The Midwest Sweet and Natural Festival.


When I look back over 2017 was a win! It may not have always felt like it but if I live in gratitude I will begin to understand that moving forward is always a success.



It’s Always Cold on NYE

Plus Size New Year's Eve Outfit

I am still in full holiday mode. If it doesn’t consist of drinking eggnog, eating cookies, and looking at my Christmas tree you can count me out. I did want to step out of my holiday hangover and offer some New Year’s Eve style inspiration.

In my experience, it’s always freezing cold on New Year’s Eve, ALWAYS. I have gotten increasingly more concerned with creating a complete look with my outerwear every NYE. After the party, no matter how stylish the look nothing is cute about freezing to death on your way back to your car.

Plus Size Holiday Outfit

Stylish Accessories to Keep You Warm

Luxe Scarves 

Adding a scarf that has a luxurious feel to it will instantly amp up your everyday wool coat.

  1. Velvet Scarf
  2. Color Block Fur Stole 
  3.  Cara New York Striped Faux Fur Sole 
  4. Velvet Scarf Option 2


Nothing is more ladylike than gloves.  And let’s face it, the steering wheel is ice cold!!

  1. Plaid Gloves
  2. Leather Gloves
  3. Fur Leather Gloves


A few hats that will keep your head warm and chic.

  1. Velvet Beret 
  2. Pearl Studded Beanie 
  3. Fur Ear Muffs 

Plus Size Holiday Outfit

Cincinnati Plus Size Stylist

Despite the cold, I hope that you all find magical ways to ring in the New Year. Take time to reflect on all that you have made it through this year. If you are not into resolutions write down what you hope 2018 will bring into your life. Acknowledgment is the first step towards improvement. Most of us don’t want a miracle we just want to be better than last year. Stay Warm and see you next year!

Plus Size Holiday Outfit

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How to Style Your Sparkle Boots

JustFab Boots
JustFab Boots

Can we please just take a praise break for shiny boots? As a girl who grew up adoring Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, sparkle boots feel like a dream come true. In my 30’s, I have noticed that my style is evolving past novelty shoes but I couldn’t fight off the urge to add these sparkle boots into my shoe collection. The Yves Saint Laurent ads in the September issue of Vogue were also very influential. So when I found some YSL lookalikes on sale at JustFab it was a done deal.

How to Wear Sparkle Boots

After I purchased my boots I immediately went online to search for sparkle boot inspiration. If I was going to buy a pair of novelty shoes I needed to figure a way to work them into my wardrobe all winter and not just for holiday looks (in which they are perfect for!)  I now see that there are two way to do sparkle

H&M Sparkle Sweater


Understated or Over the Top

*images from Pinterest check my Pinterest Board here




Understated sparkles sound like an oxymoron but it’s actually a great way to punch up a minimalist look. Especially if you want to add some extra interest to your look. I love pairing sparkle boots with an all-black look.  You can just as easily rock a graphic tee, distressed jeans, a leather jacket and sport sparkle boots for an edgy rock-inspired look.

Over the Top

More is more. I had an a-ha moment when I saw Tamar Braxton on the cover of Vulkan magazine (her boots have more high shine than sparkle but it’s in the same family). I thought sparkles are a texture and working my boots into a look with other textures will actually juxtapose an outfit. Mixing textures is a lot like mixing prints. You want textures that complement each other. I think the best way to experiment is to just play in your closet until you find a look that you like.  It’s all up to your personal taste.  I love how Rita Ora’s look played with leather and sparkle. The matte leather and the bright sparkles play off each other without distracting the eye from her accessories.

H&M Sparkle Sweater

Dress: H&M, Coat: Lane Bryant: Similar, Boots: JustFab, Purse: Mix No. 6

What do you think about sparkle boots? Are they too much or just enough?

How to Wear Sparkle Boots
How to Wear Sparkle Boots

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Gifts for Her, Him, and Them | Wize Style Wednesday


Who can resist a dress that’s multifunctional and under $20? “Not I”, said the cat. I do a lot of Christmas shopping at Old Navy because it’s a no-brainer for men, women, and children. Not to mention if I go on the right day I can pick up a little something, something for myself. (If you don’t know how I feel about self-gifting read more here)


Mustard has been very on trend for fall and winter and I haven’t had a chance to work it into my wardrobe. When I found this awesome dress (it also comes in black and navy) for $15 dollars I immediately added it to my cart! It will be so easy to work this dress into multiple looks because the shape and color are versatile.

Not only can I wear this dress now but I can take into winter with opaque tights and a long line chunky knit sweater. Finding pieces that have the ability to transform into multiple outfits is essential for your wardrobe.


Great gift ideas from Old Navy… For You or Them

For your friend who is always cold:


  1. Shawl-Collar Open-Front Cardi in Heather Gray 

  2. Sueded-Knit Moto Jacket for Women

  3. Bouclé Open-Front Plus-Size Cardi-Coat

  4. Color-Blocked Pom-Pom Scarf

For that friend who wants a power jacket: 


  1. Plus-Size Sherpa-Lined Moto Jacket

  2. Plus-Size Long-Line Moto Jacket

  3. Leopard-Print Plus-Size Open-Front Cardi-Coat

  4. Plus-Size Faux-Leather Moto Jacket

For Him:


  1. Velvet Built-In Flex Blazer for Men

  2. Textured Shawl-Collar Sweater for Men

  3. Performance Fleece Shirt Jacket 

For the kids:


  1. Red Chambray “Heartbreaker” Shirt 
  2. Hooded Canvas Vest 

  3. Hooded Ruffle-Hem Anorak

  4. Floral-Print Jersey Dress 

  5. Sherpa-Lined Pink Trucker Jacket



Trench Coat: Old Navy, Dress: Old Navy, Scarf (Print: rosebud): Old Navy, Booties: JustFab


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all product photos from oldnavy.com

5 Tips On How To Take a Great Holiday Family Photo

Every year I gather my little family and take a Christmas picture. It started with my mom asking my sister and I to volunteer for an event being held at her job. She told us all of the volunteers had to wear red sweaters. Well, we showed up ready to volunteer in cute red sweaters and all of the other volunteers had on whatever they pleased. At the end of the event, we gathered around the Christmas display at her job and took great Christmas pictures. My mom found a way to get us all together for Christmas and I’ve just kept the traditional alive.


Styling a family photo can be stressful.  Not only do you need to get everyone at the same place at the same time but you also want to coordinate in a way that won’t look dated in 5 years. You want to showcase your family aesthetic without looking cheesy. I do take my own photos and I occasionally enlist a friend to help me take them with my camera. If you have iPhone or great camera on your phone the most I would recommend is having a tripod. You can leave your camera or phone on the tripod, set the timer, and slide into your family photo. (Which was my method this year)

5 Tips On How To Take a Great Holiday Family Photo

1. Location



If you love your home and have a great lighting situation then get some great candids at home around your Christmas tree. If you want to make it even easier for yourself, scoping out a great location will make a world of difference. Most department stores, shopping centers, and hotels have great Christmas displays where you can capture some family moments.  In the picture above we were in a hotel lobby. While you are out running errands if you notice a particularly scenic area keep a mental note because that could be your holiday backdrop and as a bonus it’s free!!

2. Wardrobe


Now for the challenge, what is everyone going to wear? Having a theme makes things a lot easier but be relaxed and go with the flow. Don’t go overboard because that is what can make your family photo look dated.  In the picture above the theme was pajamas. I bought everyone a set of pajamas that matched their body concerns and personal tastes.

Not into pajamas? I love styling holiday sweaters for holiday photo shoots. Instead of the traditional ugly holiday sweaters, I choose textures and accents associated with the holidays like lurex and sequins. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.  If two people have on an item that sparkles the other two can wear a solid texture.

Last tip: If you already have a dress or sweater you love, wear it! The holiday atmosphere will give it a whole new feel and you already know it looks good on you.



The amount of space that you have ultimately determine what kind of poses you can achieve. If you have limited space you will want to get as close and cozy as you possibly can. If you have a lot of space to work with and a wide angle lens you can get more creative. If you have limited space because you are in public, in a tight corner, or standing in front of a narrow backdrop (see the picture above) you still want to look natural.

Take a few shots where everyone smiles but if you have a friend or a photographer taking pictures get a few photojournalism shots too. These are unposed photographs where you’re being your natural self. Talk to each other and just take a few moments to soak up the moment and let the camera capture the rest.

The Argument (it will happen it’s a family photo)


I love my family but one of our favorite past times is arguing. It will be easy for your little one to get frustrated and it will also be easy for a family member to get frustrated while capturing these moments. We have a photo shoot safe word during our holiday shoot. When things get heated someone yells “Hallmark” and we all know to stop going back and forth and get back into picture mode.

If you have little ones I would recommend giving them an incentive of some kind like a toy or treat that they can have after they get through the photo shoot. Always shoot the kids first while they are still in a good mood or at the end depending on their mood.

Other good tips:

  • If you are shooting at home, take pictures in natural lighting. Try getting in front of a large window and opening the curtains to let in as much sunlight as possible.
  • Pick out your outfits in advance. It helps speed up the process if you are taking your own pictures. If you happen to come across great weather in December just get dressed, and take a ride around in search of a great location.
  • If you are a busy mom with no time for full glam, be sure to have moisturized skin, light powder, mascara, and some gloss. Make time to include yourself in your holiday memories.
  • Too cold to go outside? You can find great photography backdrops on Amazon (here. here) Just use a few thumbtacks or command strips to hang the backdrop on a wall that faces a window and start snapping.
  • If you are using these photos for your Christmas card Walgreens is your friend!! I have put together amazing cards at the last minute with their same day printing services. You can easily pick out a holiday template on https://www.walgreens.com and insert your family photo!

Here are a few of Christmas 2017 Holiday Photos:


My sister, Kay Rae’s Look, Dress: New York & Company Tall  similar, Shoes Nordstrom Rack: Similar



My daughter, Kaitlyn’s Look: Dress: Macy’s Similar,  Shoes: Target



Dress: Eloquii, Shoes: Payless, Old  (Similar)



My Mom’s Dress, Mynt 1492 sold out, option 1, option 2.  Shoes QVC 

I hope that you all enjoy your holiday season and find time to capture great moments with your family.


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Plaid, It’s a Vibe | Wize Style Wednesday


The holiday season is here! I am ready to camp out on my couch, eat cookies, watch Christmas movies and look at the lights twinkle on my Christmas tree. I just want to become one with hot cocoa. As I have been styling holiday looks this year I feel like if you’ve seen one sequin dress you’ve seen them all.  Right? Not really, but a special occasion outfit can only get so much wear. Sure you can restyle it and tone it down but seriously, what does it mean that you wore it 3 times instead of once?

Separates have been the answer to my “What am I going to wear” holiday dilemmas. I like adding sparkle or accessories that have a festive vibe and mixing them with pieces of my wardrobe that I can continue to wear throughout the winter season.


I bought this plaid skirt months ago from J Crew (it was a Christmas miracle that it even fits!). I know it’s a formal skirt but I figured something would pop eventually and when it does this skirt will be my ram in the bush.

Catch the Vibe

I planned on being very traditional by pairing this skirt with a basic white button-down shirt. Then I decided to have a little fun instead.  This sheer sparkle top gave unexpected flair and I added the leather jacket because… why not? It gave the skirt a cool vibe that I had never intended on it having. Now I am excited to see what other separates in my closet I can give a holiday vibe too!


Mad About Plaid

Here are a few more looks for more plaid inspiration.


*Photos via Pinterest

Here are is a plus size plaid skirt shopping option at FullBeauty.com  and bonus this skirt comes in several colors!


Create Your Own

Creating this look is all about allowing the plaid to shine. Think about pairing your skirt with a solid top or if you’re feeling brave you can pattern mix as well. I just love a maxi skirt fit for cold weather.



Skirt: J Crew, (similar here), Top: Forever 21, Jacket, Forever 21 old (similar)

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Thank you so much to Sara Harr of S.N.H. Photography. All photo credit belongs to Sara except where noted.