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I know you may be wondering what is a personal uniform?

A personal uniform is a go-to look. In school the thought of wearing a uniform made me cringe. As an adult, I can see how knowing exactly what you are going to wear makes your life so much easier.  I wanted to embrace the concept of having a uniform but I thought my style was way too eclectic to stick with one look all the time.


My Go-To Outfit

As I was storing my summer dresses and replacing them with winter sweaters it dawned on me, “duh, crazy woman clearly you have a go-to”.  I have at least five shirt dresses in a variety of cuts (a-line, straight, shark bite hem) and colors.

I am partial to dresses and every example of a personal uniform style always consisted of slacks and a blazer. Blazers are great but they can be tricky because often times a jacket needs to be altered.  It’s rare to find a blazer off the rack that is the perfect fit.



A Uniform Compliments Your Body Shape

I know for a fact a shirt dress works on my tulip shape (heavier through your upper body, round stomach, slim hips). I know as plus size women we get tired of hearing that a-line dresses flatter our figure but this shape works for my body type. An a-line dress offers balance since I am larger on the top and considerably smaller on the bottom.

Tulip Shape (heavier through your upper body, round stomach, slim hips)


Think of a Uniform as a Basic.. You Can Still Experiment

  • You should still be open to trying new looks and different shapes.
  • A personal uniform is perfect for the woman who isn’t into getting dressed
  • Create a variety of uniforms.  One for day, one for night and a wild card that can be in a print or fun fabric
  • Remember that accessories will change the look of your uniform for more versatility
  • Your uniform look will be pieces that you plan to wear regularly so invest in quality pieces.
  • For your personal uniform choose what works best for your body type. Based on what you feel most confident wearing.
  • Styling a personal uniform for yourself makes getting dressed in a rush so much easier.


I have shirt dresses in styles that work for day and night so I always have a uniform ready whenever I get a last minute invitation. I love this dress from Eloquii because it’s quirky and it’s lined!! The fabric is amazing and I can add layers as the temperatures drop.

PS. this dress comes in multiple prints which is perfect to help me build an arsenal of shirt dresses!!


What is your go-to look? Do you think it works on your body type?

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Photo Credit: Priyanka Berry Photography 


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  1. That’s a great frock! Dresses rule the world! I don’t think I really have style uniform regarding a particular shape but I do LOVE dresses. I think it might be because I’m too lazy to coordinate separates 🙂

    1. Coordinating separates can be a task. Throw on a dress and go! Thanks for reading, Deena!

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