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October was such a busy month for me between blogging, event planning, and styling my clients. If I wasn’t in desperate need of a vacation it would be hard for me to believe October is over. I wanted to recap some of my favorite looks from October some that made it onto the blog and a few that didn’t.

In Case You Missed It …

I’m pretty sure you missed this cheetah print dress and these velvet OTK boots. I bought this dress with the intuition that I would have to speak on a panel or conduct a talk. My schedule didn’t permit any of the above but I did manage to wear it in the office. I always love adding an of the moment dress that is appropriate for work into my wardrobe each season. A great workwear dress is always powerful in my eyes.  It says, I’m here, I’m feminine, and I am about this business so let’s work!

My New Favorite Pants


I bought these black trouser pants in a rush to style myself for my Best Friend look that you can find here. I ran into Target with a goal not spend more than $35. I didn’t have much of an expectation when I tried them on but by the time I got them past my hips I knew I hit the jackpot! I love the twill fabric because it’s light but not too light. They are wrinkle resistant and the fit couldn’t be more ideal for someone with a “Tulip” shape (someone who is larger through their breast and midsection but considerably slimmer through their hips or thighs). These trousers are a win for my body shape.



My T-shirt Game was Strong in October



I showcased a few t-shirts in the month of October. I loved playing with self-expression and fashion this month. Fashion has a way of evoking thought.  It speaks before you do. So as a writer, words, pictures and art being showcased front and center on my shirt made a big impact on me.  I had been wanting to show off my love for Wu-tang and it just kept getting pushed to the back burner. Wu Tang Forever!!!

Fashion Nerd

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It’s a rare occasion that I haven’t already styled an outfit for an occasion but every now and then an event pulls a fast one on me.  My mind was ready to attend the Iris Van Herpen exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum (which I adored!!). I tried something out with trying to layer to bring a summer jumpsuit into fall. I liked it more in theory than in execution but hey,  they can’t all be winners. That is what experimentation is all about. I may even try a sheer bodysuit under a jumpsuit again just not these two. Oh well, the exhibit was great and I had a ball! See the full recap of Transforming Fashion | Iris Van Herpen Exhibit here

Change of Hair


Somedays I think I should associate myself with a signature hairstyle because it’s got to be hard to keep up with my hair constantly changing. Then I think, so what! I change my hair for me.  It invigorates me once a month to change my look. I had already planed out my hairstyles for fall and winter in my Fall Hair Style Guide. These burgundy curls were inevitable and I like them so much I might do it twice.

Oh Yeah, Halloween



Photo Credit: Purplei Potion

In addition to being a blogger, I am also a spoken word artist and co-owner of BOLD Creative Solutions. We had our first event The Kings and Queens Soiree. You could come out an enjoy local musical performers and spoken word. It was still a party and you could choose your favorite King or Queen to dress up as. I decided to be Queen B (dress from Forever 21+ it’s fabulous, the crown is a DIY, found the body chain on Amazon, I did add an extender) and reunited with my sisters in poetry P.I.M.P. Hand Strong (Progressive, Intelligent, Motivated, Poets). After a short hiatus, we’re back stronger and better than ever!!

I’ve got a lot of great content coming up for November that I can not wait to share with you all.  Be sure to let me know anything you want me to cover on Oh Wize One.

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  1. Great pairing of those boots with the print dress! One thing we need more of in plus size fashion- brightly coloured knee high boots!

    1. Because you can never have too many!!!

  2. Love the new hair, Lauyonce!

    1. Thanks!!!! I like that .. Lauyonce.. that maybe my alter ego!!! Hahaha!!

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