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Wize Style Wednesday | Holiday Style Inspiration


Isn’t it ironic that the season of gift giving is also the season of parties? Holiday party invitations pile up and you are left wondering what to wear. Who has time to shop for a look for a holiday party in the midst of buying presents for friends and family? Never fear shopping your own closet is the best option for holiday looks. Continue reading Wize Style Wednesday | Holiday Style Inspiration

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Girl Bosses Unite!

Eloquii Easton Mall

Last Saturday was all about Eloquii and Girl Bosses! I teamed up with my good friend Sierra Holmes.  You may know her from her blog Eclectic Kurves. We wanted to shine a light on curves in the workplace because they can so often be misunderstood, misrepresented, and unwarrantedly sexualized. Eloquii provides so many options for women who conduct business and run their wardrobes with style and confidence.

A Girl Boss Always Gives because Giving is Always Good


Eloquii Easton Mall

Along with celebrating curves in the workplace, we wanted to ensure that all of the curvy girl bosses in the greater Columbus, Ohio area are able to work it! Imagine returning to the workforce with limited funds and resources and having to purchase an interview look. We joined forces with Dress for Success Columbus for this event because they often do not get the donations that they need for plus size women. 10% of the proceeds from the Girl Boss event went to Dress for Success Columbus.

As a blogger, I know my closet is overrun with gently worn items. I plan on starting a system of purchasing and purging. My workwear can do double duty for a woman who just needs some help getting her start.

Just a Little Push


Meet Krista, Sierra and I met this beautiful blonde shopping during our event. Krista said that she found out about the event online. She works in real estate, but she really didn’t come in to try on anything. Sierra and I almost immediately turned into her cheering section by encouraging her to just try on a few pieces with the in-house Eloquii stylist.

Krista feels like she has a strange body shape because she doesn’t have hips and she’s not fond of her large midsection. I let Krista know that she should feel good that she has what I have coined as a “Tulip shape”. She was also in luck that Eloquii just designed the Gena fit pant which addressed that very issue. We tried on a few items that looked amazing on Krista’s tulip shape (The Gena pants fit great). These were Krista’s favorite looks.

Plus Size Workwear

She also LOVED this velvet pleated skirt and honestly, I can’t blame her she looks amazing!

Eloquii Easton Mall

Eloquii Easton Mall

Other fun moments from Girl Boss: Sip, Shop, Give

I brought along my bestie, @duwaup. I knew she would LOVE Eloquii and I was right!! I’m sure I will see her on stage performing in these looks soon.  Talk about a #girlboss

Eloquii Easton Mall

Eloquii Easton Mall

Tasha Cobb of Fixed Formula Designs follow her on IG @fixedformuladesigns 

Plus Size Shopping Columbus Ohio

I was so happy to see my friend Tiffany of @aqueenandthreekings

Plus Size Shopping Columbus Ohio

Dayna Brownfield editor of Cbus Chic. Thank you for coming!!

Plus Size Shopping Columbus Ohio

Alysse from Ready to Stare just waltzed in look super chic!!! She is such a sweetheart!

Plus Size Shopping Columbus Ohio

Did I mention that everyone at Eloquii is totally awesome? Thanks for everything @iambychristina


Just a little networking between two Girl Bosses Queen Thrifty and Dayna of Cbus Chic



Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress or Dream Girls I can’t decide this dress is magic!


Can we talk about this floral suit!! Find the jacket here and the pants here

Eloquii Suit


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What to Wear For Thanksgiving | Wize Style Wednesday

What to Wear (1)

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? I am sure you just want to wear some sweatpants and go into a food coma (Me too!). Thanksgiving is still a gathering and rather than be caught off guard in your little cousin’s turkey day selfie (that he so graciously tagged you in) I have some tips to help you master your off-duty style. I promise you will still be comfy and cute! Continue reading What to Wear For Thanksgiving | Wize Style Wednesday

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Personal Style Uniform | Wize Style Wednesday


I know you may be wondering what is a personal uniform?

A personal uniform is a go-to look. In school the thought of wearing a uniform made me cringe. As an adult, I can see how knowing exactly what you are going to wear makes your life so much easier.  I wanted to embrace the concept of having a uniform but I thought my style was way too eclectic to stick with one look all the time.


My Go-To Outfit

As I was storing my summer dresses and replacing them with winter sweaters it dawned on me, “duh, crazy woman clearly you have a go-to”.  I have at least five shirt dresses in a variety of cuts (a-line, straight, shark bite hem) and colors.

I am partial to dresses and every example of a personal uniform style always consisted of slacks and a blazer. Blazers are great but they can be tricky because often times a jacket needs to be altered.  It’s rare to find a blazer off the rack that is the perfect fit.



A Uniform Compliments Your Body Shape

I know for a fact a shirt dress works on my tulip shape (heavier through your upper body, round stomach, slim hips). I know as plus size women we get tired of hearing that a-line dresses flatter our figure but this shape works for my body type. An a-line dress offers balance since I am larger on the top and considerably smaller on the bottom.

Tulip Shape (heavier through your upper body, round stomach, slim hips)


Think of a Uniform as a Basic.. You Can Still Experiment

  • You should still be open to trying new looks and different shapes.
  • A personal uniform is perfect for the woman who isn’t into getting dressed
  • Create a variety of uniforms.  One for day, one for night and a wild card that can be in a print or fun fabric
  • Remember that accessories will change the look of your uniform for more versatility
  • Your uniform look will be pieces that you plan to wear regularly so invest in quality pieces.
  • For your personal uniform choose what works best for your body type. Based on what you feel most confident wearing.
  • Styling a personal uniform for yourself makes getting dressed in a rush so much easier.


I have shirt dresses in styles that work for day and night so I always have a uniform ready whenever I get a last minute invitation. I love this dress from Eloquii because it’s quirky and it’s lined!! The fabric is amazing and I can add layers as the temperatures drop.

PS. this dress comes in multiple prints which is perfect to help me build an arsenal of shirt dresses!!


What is your go-to look? Do you think it works on your body type?

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Photo Credit: Priyanka Berry Photography 


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October Recap| ICYMI


October was such a busy month for me between blogging, event planning, and styling my clients. If I wasn’t in desperate need of a vacation it would be hard for me to believe October is over. I wanted to recap some of my favorite looks from October some that made it onto the blog and a few that didn’t.

Continue reading October Recap| ICYMI