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Wize Style Wednesday | How to a Wear Patent Leather Jacket


Do you think P. Diddy when you see a shiny patent leather jacket? It’s ok, (even though I was fond of the shiny suits) patent leather isn’t as intimidating as you think. Patent leather is going to be everywhere for the fall/winter season. I’m sure a shiny jacket was not on you fall wardrobe wish list but I have few styling tips that will take you from nay to yay!

I know hanging on the rack patent can look like a fabric that is screaming for the wrong attention but it’s actually a great way to work texture into your wardrobe.

Here are my tips for shining in patent leather without going overboard:

Patent leather is classicly cool. I mean, come on, hello, Cat Woman!

How would you style my jacket? Would you take the risk of shiny patent leather?

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Photo Credit: Priyanka Berry Photography 


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