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There is nothing more I adore than a satin robe. At home, I pretty much live in a robe so taking my robe from loungewear to streetwear is a dream come true. There are so many ways to play with the pajama trend. I’m sure it seems intimidating and no one wants to look like they are actually going to bed. I like working in just one element that is pajama-inspired into my look. I have a few suggestions if you want to try this trend.


Casual Yet Fabulous


If you need to style yourself at the last minute this concept is comfortable and fabulous. Grab your favorite skinny jeans, a white tee, your robe can be the finishing touch. You can wear this look with a cute pair of flats or heels. This is actually one of my signature standby looks for when I can barely get myself ready for an event. The robe takes your  look to the next level everyone will think you put way more effort into your look than you actually did. Check out this robe from Fashion to Figure which is perfect to achieve this look.

Brunch in a Rush

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I think this pajama look is such an understated way of being sexy. I won’t lie I like the idea of making the opposite sex of thinking about me in the bed, without being naked. (Don’t judge me I’m single, LOL!!) I like just adding a touch of the pajama look it is the perfect way to stroll into brunch. Pairing distressed denim with a silky pajama-inspired blouse will give your whole look a luxurious feel. Yes, can I have the egg white omelet and mimosa … please. #brunchflow I think this top from ASOS is perfect for this look and this one is a little off the beaten path but it also a pajama feel.

Dress for Bed


I love a good satin dress, trust me everyone will be tempted to touch you. They are fun, sexy, and most of all fierce. Satin can be a double edge sword since it’s not the most structured fabric. Try to find a dress cut on the bias or find a shirt dress style (like this one) if you are worried about it not being “flattering”. If you “flattering” isn’t on your radar then go for it. I know I was apprehensive but I ended up like it a lot you can see my satin dress here.


What do you think of the pajama trend? Is it a yay or nay for you?


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