Girl Put Your Records On… Or Playlist


Little know fact, I actually studied broadcasting in high school.  Radio and television to be more specific. I wanted to be Matt Pinfield from MTV in high school, you know only Black and well, a girl. Matt Pinfield hosted Head Bangers Ball but he had a vast knowledge of every genre of music.  He was like a human encyclopedia. I may have waited a little too long because Quest Love has rightfully claimed the thrown. My days of spinning records on 88.3 (did you think I was kidding?)  have come and gone but I still love music. Music is influential to my life. It influences my mood and my style. Yes, music influences my STYLE.


The Soundtrack to My Wardrobe

Every woman has a breakup playlist filled with tracks that fuel her to get through her heartbreak. You may even have a playlist to get you through your workout. Do you have a playlist that helps you style yourself or that you play while you get dressed to go out? I do.  It varies depending on my mood. Before I go to open mic poetry on weekdays I often play Bobby Womack, The Poet (cliche I know) on my record player. If I am feeling more energetic I open my Spotify app on my phone or laptop and rock out.


Get Dressed and Rock Out

I always make getting dressed an event because as trivial as getting dressed may seem it can be stressful.  Especially if you have put off picking out your outfit until the last minute. Putting on your records or turning on a playlist will infuse some fun into last-minute styling. Depending on what you turn on, it may even create a vibe that helps you to put together something you wouldn’t normally wear.


What I’m Listening to Now

My eclectic taste reflects in my music choices. This playlist is a mix of indie and mainstream artist. There is something about indie music that makes you feel like your privy to a cool secret that everyone else isn’t hip to yet. (I’m letting you sit at the cool kid’s table with this playlist! *wink and a gun*) Of course, I added some newness to this playlist with a few R&B divas.

I love this mix of mellow and upbeat songs. It gives me the perfect vibe when I’m shuffling through shirts and applying the finishing touches on my makeup. They say every superhero needs his theme music but I say a well-dressed woman’s wardrobe has a soundtrack.

Click on my Spotify playlist below to hear my wardrobe’s soundtrack!


Do you play music while you are getting dressed? What songs are on your playlist?


My Look is from Gabe’s. Options: Robe: Target, Bralette: Charlotte Russe Plus,: This one matches the pants suggestion: Bralette, Jogger: Lane Bryant 

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4 responses to “Girl Put Your Records On… Or Playlist”

  1. I love “Wanna Love You Boy” by Tamar Braxton but I have a playlist for every mood. If I’m pissed or break-up mood then it’s Jaguar Wright “Do Your Worst”, Erykah Badu “Tyrone” and other old school break-up songs. If I’m hyped then it’s a collection of Tamar, Toni, Mariah Carey, Chantè Moore, and more. My unsaid playlist is so far back. It’s about 98% 90s music.

    1. Yes, your playlists sound like the business!!! I love it!

  2. Yes, because Mi Gente gets me going!!

  3. i love how mi gente is thrown in there ha ha

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