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Wize Style Wednesday | How to a Wear Patent Leather Jacket


Do you think P. Diddy when you see a shiny patent leather jacket? It’s ok, (even though I was fond of the shiny suits) patent leather isn’t as intimidating as you think. Patent leather is going to be everywhere for the fall/winter season. I’m sure a shiny jacket was not on you fall wardrobe wish list but I have few styling tips that will take you from nay to yay! Continue reading Wize Style Wednesday | How to a Wear Patent Leather Jacket

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Cincy Girls Like Fashion Too


Fashion is the one industry where name-dropping is totally acceptable. The problem is, in the mist of name dropping you can miss out on some fabulous designers. Iris Van Herpen may not immediately ring a bell but you may be more familiar with her work than you are giving yourself credit for. Iris Van Herpen has designed incredible creations for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Bjork.  Continue reading Cincy Girls Like Fashion Too

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Wize Style Wednesday | Wear Your Robe Anywhere!


There is nothing more I adore than a satin robe. At home, I pretty much live in a robe so taking my robe from loungewear to streetwear is a dream come true. There are so many ways to play with the pajama trend. I’m sure it seems intimidating and no one wants to look like they are actually going to bed. I like working in just one element that is pajama-inspired into my look. I have a few suggestions if you want to try this trend. Continue reading Wize Style Wednesday | Wear Your Robe Anywhere!

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Girl Put Your Records On… Or Playlist


Little know fact, I actually studied broadcasting in high school.  Radio and television to be more specific. I wanted to be Matt Pinfield from MTV in high school, you know only Black and well, a girl. Matt Pinfield hosted Head Bangers Ball but he had a vast knowledge of every genre of music.  He was like a human encyclopedia. I may have waited a little too long because Quest Love has rightfully claimed the thrown. My days of spinning records on 88.3 (did you think I was kidding?)  have come and gone but I still love music. Music is influential to my life. It influences my mood and my style. Yes, music influences my STYLE. Continue reading Girl Put Your Records On… Or Playlist

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I am Not a Milkshake. I am a Malt!


If you don’t feel like explaining your current state of grown ass woman you can always let your t-shirt do the talking. Earlier this week (here) I talked all about how I discovered that t-shirts are a form of self-expression. My “Malt” tee (I am wearing the 2X and it goes up to 4X find it here and here) is expressing acceptance of my mind and my body because not only is my body thick but so is my womanhood. Get your life!! Continue reading I am Not a Milkshake. I am a Malt!

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We Are Rooting For #blackgirlfriendships


As a girl of a certain size, I often feel frumpy in a t-shirt and jeans. So for a long time t-shirts have not been a big part of my wardrobe. This past summer I went to a t-shirt party with my best friend and the party was packed. I looked around the room and saw people of all shapes and sizes rocking their shirts. I realized that people like t-shirts. Duh, right? More than that people see t-shirts as a moment of self-expression. You can speak your mind, pledge your allegiance, or rep your squad on the front of your shirt. Continue reading We Are Rooting For #blackgirlfriendships