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Untitled design (2)As I begin to prepare my closet for fall fashion I am starting to feel like I have more fashion than closet. I have talked about organizing your small closet but if only there was more space! As I brainstormed on creative ways to increase closet space I daydreamed of what my closet would look like if money were no object and square footage was not an issue. I find that daydream often lead me to come up with real-life solutions. Hopefully, my mood board will inspire you to get creative and upgrade your closet too.

Here is what my dreams are made of:


Chaise, Ch-aaa-is-e


I’m single, I’m not sure when that will change and on several occasions, I have thought about trading my bed in for a chaise. It’s a bad idea a really, really, really bad idea. In my dream closet, it’s a place where a friend could sit as I gracefully prance around and pick out amazing outfits. Maybe with a little finagling, I can figure out how to find the space to have a chaise. I love the looks of this plush chaise found here.

It’s gonna be lit, no for real!


Isn’t everyone dreaming of closet space where they can have a sparkly chandelier? I love the look of this chandelier it has vintage feel because of the teardrop crystals but it’s still very modern. Talk about lighting up a room before you even leave the house. I found a lot of great hanging lighting options that would fit a multitude of styles here.

Organization, for the win!!


Closet organization is not a dream it’s mandatory. You won’t wear what you can’t see. Disorganization is the main culprit to the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome. In my dream closet, my organization is at the highest level. More drawers, more racks, and all white cabinets. White creates the illusion of more space and helps you see what’s hanging in your closet. I want to see everything. Take a look at this closet tower set that is sure to get you organized.

Full off of Champagne



I love the idea of having champagne-colored walls. It just makes me think of that old episode of MTV Cribs with Mariah Carey. She had these amazing walls that sparkled. It looked like someone had poured out irreverence on her walls. I can just imagine that color bouncing off the lighting and my full-length mirror which aides me to take great Instagram outfit posts. You can find this awesome mirror here.

Flower Fresh


Florals should be in my closet in more ways than one. I love peonies and flowers add such a great vibe. I would just need a few in vase placed on a shelf next to a fabulous handbag. I can see it now *runs off into the sunset.

Make room for makeup


A vanity is what dreams are made of. A magical place where all of my eyeshadow pallets and makeup brushes are easily accessible. I can imagine myself now lightly patting my decolletage with a powder puff. It sounds like something out of an old movie but having a vanity would create dedicated space for getting ready and make the bathroom more accessible for guests or significant others. You can find similar vanities to this one: here, here, and here

Does fall have you rethinking your wardrobe and your closet? What would your dream closet consist of?

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Pictures c/o arhaus.com and Pinterest

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5 responses to “A Girl Can Dream | Closet Inspiration”

  1. Who wouldn’t love to her ready at this fab vanity each day?! Love this!


    1. I mean, for real, it’s what we all want!

  2. a very well done vanity is still on my list, mines is bootleg right now..lol

    1. Haha .. I linked some pretty affordable options but I won’t stop until I have a youtube beauty blogger level vanity!!

      1. yesssss thats what i want too, all white and decked the hell out..lol

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