The Walk of Shame

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There is nothing like a good slip dress to inspire me to show a little skin. Something about the split and the shimmer of this dress made me want to be ultra glamorous. As soon as I ordered this dress I thought wouldn’t it be fun to style an over the top walk of shame look. Since this dress is shiny I knew that it wouldn’t be the most figure flatter but I convinced myself to go for it. The small anxiety I felt before I bought this dress got me thinking about shame and sexuality.

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Who made the rules? Who created these labels? Who drew these lines? Why are we as women so quick to conform? Quick to call another woman a hoe or any other derogatory name because she steps outside of societies sexual boundaries. I thought personal boundaries are for the individual and not the crowd?

My fellow woman

We share the same discourse

But we’re quick to discard each other

We let society get in the way of what could be a moment to uplift each other

Laura Wize, Real Sisters ©2017


Is shame just a psychological way to make people fear themselves? If so, it’s highly effective on women and how we shape our view of each other. At some point, someone has made you feel like you should be ashamed for wearing a tight dress, showing skin, or just merely revealing the shape of your body. When I talk to a client that I am styling or just women in the store when I am shopping they say things like “I could never wear that.  Everyone would look at me”.  It’s strange to me because it’s proven that people will look at you because you exist in the room, that is just reality. Women are not afraid of being seen, women are afraid of being shamed.

I know how hard the court of public opinion can be. At some point, you have to rise above what people may think and embrace what you like or how you want to present yourself. Even if yourself isn’t ultra glamorous.  Maybe your style is more androgynous. The presentation is yours to choose but the confidence is sold separately.

Every woman you encounter won’t live within your comfort zone


She’s still your equal

Grace an understanding is not just for your husband

It’s for mankind

Extend it to your sister

Even if she doesn’t look like you

Laura Wize, Real Sisters ©2017



Who are you free from shame? Have you yet to meet yourself or are you repressing your real style to avoid shame? The more I embrace my truth the easier it is to ignore when someone attempts to shame me. Make your mind up about how you choose to present yourself to the world.  This is valid for style and life. You choose your truth and operate within it and everything else is irrelevant. I know for certain that there is no shame in my game.

Peace, love, light, prosperity

I have concluded that women who hurt their sisters are only hurting themselves

A hurt woman doesn’t know her true identity

Without a sense of self you’re just lost

I pray my sisters find themselves

Laura Wize, Real Sisters ©2017


Dress: Forever 21, Fur Jacket: Target (sold out) option 1option 2, option 3, shoes: Nine West

Photo Credit: S.N.H Photography

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5 responses to “The Walk of Shame”

  1. OMG!!! I am living for all of this. All. Of. It. This has me all teared up, I love you sister ♡

    1. Awww, don’t cry. Thanks for checking out this post. It’s all about changing our minds and being aware of what makes us tick.

  2. Oh Baby Girl. You had me at Walk of Shame. But, me, being older, and of a more sage nature have never referred to any early morning sauntering down the street as the Walk of Shame. For me, it has always been the Strut of Shameless!!! Great Post!!!!!!!!

    1. I love Strut of Shameless! Can I borrow this? 😁

      1. Absolutely !!!

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