Where Did Summer Go?


I mean good grief it’s almost Labor Day weekend I haven’t even had the chance to rock all of the white in my wardrobe. I kept saving them like they were going to accrue interest. Welp now here it is the end of summer ’17 and I will just have to find a reason to rock white for no reason or just break the rules and wear white after Labor Day. I am not afraid to break a fashion rule or two. Rules are made to be challenged but for real where did summer go? I haven’t even had a picnic yet! I was all work and no play this summer.

_DSC2217 (1)

The time is now go ahead wear all of the white that you have been saving and just rock it. Screw labor day! If your summer flew by just like mine. I have few suggestions on how to take your white into fall:

  • Mix your white with darker color pallets
  • Black leather or faux leather and white are classic and always look hot!
  • You can even wear white with velvet. Especially if you have a silver or gold piece

Summer slipped by so fast that I will just have to mix the best of both seasons and have fun. There is a chance that I may be experiencing a little denial.

_DSC2286 (1)

Cape: Fashion to Figure, (Sold Out),  Jumpsuit: SimplyBe, Shoes: Aldo, DSW (Sold Out)

All of these fabulous shots were taken by Sara Haar of S.N.H. Photography. If you are in the Northern Kentucky or Greater Cincinnati Area I highly recommend her services. She’s fantastic to work with!


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  1. thats right girl, break those rules. I wear white whenever I choose, who even made up these silly wardrobe rules?? lol

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