Fresh Lemonade


A girl can’t be inspired by Beyonce without becoming a meme these days. One wrong move and your Yonce moment can turn into a fail heard around the world. Internet trolls have never scared me and I take a very laid back approach when I am inspired by Queen B. 


From the moment I saw Beyonce bring vengeance with her baseball bat in her visual album I knew I had to have that yellow Roberto Cavalli dress. I then quickly remembered how much money I make a year and 30,000 dress aren’t in my budget. Furthermore, Lemonade was released in the middle of the summer which means retailers would not have had time to release new items so I waited because I knew inevitably my dress would come. I set out on my search for a long and flowy yellow dress. When I saw this dress in the Torrid lookbook I said, “Hold Up!” (sorry it’s sold out)


My Favorite Lemonade Picks

This yellow dress from Fashion to Figure is also giving me all of the Hold Up vibes

These shoes from JustFab have lemons all over them

This dress from Eloquii the closest I’ve seen to the actual dress in the video


Style inspiration is about taking an element from a look and then making it your own. In my case, bright yellow was my focal point but there are lots of fresh lemonade inspired options that you can add to your spring summer wardrobe.


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5 responses to “Fresh Lemonade”

  1. Cute dress! I love the color!!! ♥

    1. Thank you, Crystal!!

      1. You’re welcome!!!

  2. I didn’t have a lot of yellow either but the power of Beyonce is strong.. LOL

  3. you look lovely as usual. I love the color yellow, but i just dont have enough outfits in this color, it is so beautiful for spring and summer

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