Jumpsuits and DJ Khalid… Another One


They didn’t want me to have another jumpsuit so Gwynnie Bee sent me another jumpsuit. The best part about having an unlimited closet with Gwynnie Bee is that I don’t have to feel bad when they send me my current obsession, jumpsuits. I love a good adult onesie and I recently closeted this Raga floral jumpsuit.

I think this jumpsuit is so versatile and can be paired with a blazer which would make it perfect for work. On mornings when I am short on time and need to look put together I plan on throwing this on and heading to the office. If you’re interested in starting your own unlimited closet today you try Gwynnie Bee today and get the first 30 days free by clicking here. For more tips on finding the perfect jumpsuit for your body type be sure to read my blog post  Jump Into It.



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8 responses to “Jumpsuits and DJ Khalid… Another One”

  1. wow,you look beautiful that outfit superb

  2. wow,you look beautiful that outfit superb

    1. Thank you!

  3. soooooo cute…love the booties too

  4. soooooo cute…love the booties too

    1. Thanks!!!!

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