My 7 Fashion Rules I Broke This Summer


I feel like I dress better in my thirties than I did In my twenties. Which is ironic because I think I had a better body in my twenties. Maybe it wasn’t better but I was definitely smaller. The moment I embraced my true self I started being nicer to myself. I started giving myself permission to try things that I would have normally been too scared to try. In my thirties, I started breaking my own rules and preconceived notions of what I should and should not wear.

I’m sharing my favorite looks from this summer and how I broke all of my fashion rules from my twenties:

Rule #1: If Mom Doesn’t Like It, Don’t Wear It

My mom is my fashion guru. Seriously she is a fashion genius and an incredible seamstress. When my mom doesn’t like something she is usually right. If my mom tells me to change I do because there’s a chance she is seeing something that I didn’t. So about this tulle skirt, my mama hates this skirt! I had to accept that I couldn’t talk her into liking it and I had to accept that her opinion didn’t change the that I like this skirt. It is what it is sometimes you just have to take a chance and be the only person who likes what you are wearing.


Rule #2 :Attempt to Dress Your Age

While all of my childhood friends wanted to be cartoon charicters I really wanted to be Anita Baker. Can you imagine a five year old who’s hearts desire is be an adult contemporary jazz singer. It’s pretty funny now but dressing mature in your twenties is kind of frowned upon I mean you’re young you should be naked! I would get anxiety if I thought something looked too old. You never want a look to age you but a classic never goes out of style. Don’t be affraid to be understated. Dress for your mood and not your age.


Rule #3: Firm Fat

It must be jelly because jam don’t shake like that, that is my firm fat rule.  I often peffer for my round areas to be confinded to materials that smooth out my shape. If a swimsuit promises to make me appear 10 pounds slimmer chances are I’m buying that swimsuit. This summer I finally wore a swimsuit that had no promise of slimming me down and I didn’t die. I actually thought I looked pretty good. My firm fat rule now fluctuates depending on my mood.


Rule #4: No Ankle Pants, Ever!

My body shape is between an apple and an inversted triangle. Which means the lower half of my body is noticably more narrow than my upper body. I can’t be the only plus size woman with narrow hips, can I? I am all about semitry and creating visual lines when I am styling a look so I have a no ankle pants rule. No leggings, no crop pants, the answer was no! I want to say I had some big magical moment of self acceptance but really vanity made me ease up on my no ankles pants rule. I legit just wanted the top of a pair of shoes to be visible so I had a pair of pants hemmed above the ankle and the rest is history. Shoes trump body insecurity.


Rule #5: Flowers are for Gardens

This isn’t really my rule, I have to be honest, I curate what looks I share on my blog. I try to have an understanding of what will translate well and what won’t. Then I remembered it’s my blog and my style isn’t for everyone. I love flowers and I often feel like I am a flower, constantly in bloom. Maybe one of my readers will be brave enough to wear a floral print one day and realize that gardens are beautiful and there is no shame in looking like one.


Rule #6: Don’t Wear Bold Prints

The older I get the more I  embrace my own style and let go of dressing to please other people. It’s funny how a comment from one person can change your style. I was dating a guy and it felt like everytime I wore anything with a print on it he didn’t like what I was wearing. To avoid the conversation all together I just started wearing solids. Even after we broke up I still kept gravitating to solids. Eventually I thought why am I still dressing to appease a guy I’m not even dating anymore? Needless to say prints have made their way back into my wardrobe.


At The End of The Day

If you have gotten away from your true sense of style just remember yourself. I try not let myself not to get too far away from my classy free spirit. I love music, film, color, and nature and those elements reflect in my style. Don’t be affraid to break your own rules that you have put on yourself. Finding freedom in your personal style will trickle into other areas of your life. I defeinitely feel a sense of fearlessness everytime I step outside of my comfort zone.


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