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My family recently requested my presence and I thought what do you mean we’re together all the time. They quickly rebutted by letting me know it’s not often they see my face without the blue glow from the light of my laptop. The 100-degree temperatures this summer have put a stop to two things makeup and shapewear before 7pm. It’s too hot and ain’t nobody got time for that! When Gwynnie Bee sent me this Melissa McCartney two toned chambray dress I knew it met all of the qualifications for the #NoShapeWear Zone.

If a dress fits well and it made out of fabric that doesn’t cling to my skin I just entered the no shapewear zone. I am all about being confident but I know what I do and do not feel comfortable wearing and if a dress is going to hang on to every curve I would prefer to wear shapewear. That is my personal preference if other women still feel confident without it, good for them. The plus size community is moving away from clothes that would be traditionally considered “flattering”. In a traditional sense, this dress isn’t “flattering on me, it doesn’t highlight my waist nor is it designed to make me appear smaller.It’s all about how you prefer to look and I prefer not where shapewear between the hours of 11 am and 6pm until late September.





I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver Gwynnie Bee garment rental is to my life. I’m never in a panic about what I’m going to wear because I get something new from them almost every week. After I wear what they sent I sent it back in my prepaid shipping label and Gwynnie Bee sends me my next box. (I’m buying this dress!) Everything they have sent me has been high quality and it all has FIT!! You can try Gwynnie Bee today for a FREE 30 trial by going here . Try it today and tag me on social media and let me know how you like Gwynnie Bee.

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