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Whenever I get dressed I get into character. I get my inspiration from films, magazines, actresses. Believe it or not, my sense of imagination helps me get dressed all the time. Getting dressed is my happy place and since it’s so much fun seeing a great outfit on a shape that’s smaller than mine is not intimidating, nope, my size isn’t a factor. My source of inspiration doesn’t have to wear a size 16, my inspiration only needs to be fabulous. I can play, I can pretend, my size will not affect my sense of play.

This look is inspired by Carmen Jones the movement in the wide leg cropped pants just felt flirtatious and sassy much like Dorothy Dandridge in the movie.



Top: SimplyBe, Crop Pants: SimplyBe, Shoes: Aldo

Hell, my clothes are my toys. Men buy sports cars and I buy outfits. If clothes are the food of life wear them well! Real style has no size so if you see something you would like to wear don’t make an excuse on why you can’t wear it. A color won’t make you look fat, a silhouette can be altered to compliment your shape. don’t be fooled you can wear what you want to wear.

Don’t Be Afraid To Play

Untitled design (6)Untitled design (7)

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