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The Perfect Outfit for the Office

Cheaters always prosper or at least they do when it comes to what to wear to the office. I have managed to wear a dress in the office almost every day. I make the most out of my wardrobe so the dresses I wear for play also need to have a dual function so I can wear them to work. When I am short on time in the morning I throw on a dress and pair it with a jacket (sometimes I keep a blazer or a blue jean jacket in my car, just in case.) Adding a blazer is the perfect cheat it makes everything look more professional.

If you are looking for a new job this summer getting dressed can be a challenge. It’s too hot to look stuffy and traditional suiting actually looks aged. Especially when you stand a chance of being more dressed up than the person interviewing you. Don’t underdressed just keep in mind that a maxi dress will always look too relaxed and just say no to anything sheer. Here is the formula one traditional piece plus one relaxed item plus tailored details equals success. If you wear a flowy midi-length skirt I would pair that with a collared shirt with a belt and a closed toed shoe.



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