Style Sunday | #NoShapewearZone



My family recently requested my presence and I thought what do you mean we’re together all the time. They quickly rebutted by letting me know it’s not often they see my face without the blue glow from the light of my laptop. The 100-degree temperatures this summer have put a stop to two things makeup and shapewear before 7pm. It’s too hot and ain’t nobody got time for that! When Gwynnie Bee sent me this Melissa McCartney two toned chambray dress I knew it met all of the qualifications for the #NoShapeWear Zone.

If a dress fits well and it made out of fabric that doesn’t cling to my skin I just entered the no shapewear zone. I am all about being confident but I know what I do and do not feel comfortable wearing and if a dress is going to hang on to every curve I would prefer to wear shapewear. That is my personal preference if other women still feel confident without it, good for them. The plus size community is moving away from clothes that would be traditionally considered “flattering”. In a traditional sense, this dress isn’t “flattering on me, it doesn’t highlight my waist nor is it designed to make me appear smaller.It’s all about how you prefer to look and I prefer not where shapewear between the hours of 11 am and 6pm until late September.





I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver Gwynnie Bee garment rental is to my life. I’m never in a panic about what I’m going to wear because I get something new from them almost every week. After I wear what they sent I sent it back in my prepaid shipping label and Gwynnie Bee sends me my next box. (I’m buying this dress!) Everything they have sent me has been high quality and it all has FIT!! You can try Gwynnie Bee today for a FREE 30 trial by going here . Try it today and tag me on social media and let me know how you like Gwynnie Bee.

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TopGolf Cincy + Giveaway

Last week, my fellow Thread blogger Annie invited all of the ladies from  Thread out to the media preview for the new Topgolf venue in West Chester! I decided to disregard my total lack of athletic ability and give golf a try. After touring the venue and getting a better understanding of how Topgolf works I was pleasantly surprised at how interactive and fun everything looked.

This is not your mama’s putt-putt golf, there is no walking from station to station.  There are “bays” where you can bring up to 6 people for a round of golf. The balls come out of a machine on the ground and there are a variety of clubs to choose from to tee up. The goal is to get your ball into one of the targets to earn points. It’s very similar to a bowling experience. I can totally see returning to Topgolf for a fun double date.





About the food…

The food and the staff at Topgolf were equally playfull! All of the menu options had a fun spin on classic casual dining options. Everything was delectable and don’t even get me started on the injectable donut holes that came with chocolate, raspberry jelly or Bavarian cream. All of the staff members were attentive and kind. At the end of the night, all of the staff came out and did the wobble. Needless to say, fun is infused into the Topgolf’s company mission!





Thread Cincinnati is teaming up with Topgolf to give one lucky reader a $100 gift card to use at the new venue! The winner will be announced on the Thread Cincinnati Facebook page on Friday, so make sure that is one of your entries so you don’t miss out! Just click here to enter your chance win!


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Style Sunday | Black Does Not Make You Look Thinner


I have nothing against a little black dress. I think black can be powerful and sexy. I also know women who wouldn’t dare wear another color because black is slimming. Can a darker color camouflage a problem area on your body? Yes, it can. Will wearing head to toe black make you look thinner? Nope! I don’t believe in hiding behind black for the sake of appearing thinner. I do believe in complimenting the shape of your body to highlight your best features and that can be done without wearing any black.

Skin Is In

Anyone can wear black but black is a harsh color and doesn’t work with every skin tone. Women with cool undertones look fantastic in navy blue and chocolate brown. Women with dark skin radiate in eggplant. Give your wardrobe some versatility with other dark staple colors and give head toe black a rest.

It Ain’t The Color, It’s The Fabric

Don’t limit yourself to dark colors for the sake of looking thin it’s a crutch. Let me just be honest because, well, it’s my blog. If a garment is made of thin unflattering fabric that sinks into every crevasse buying it in black won’t make it look better.Any body type can wear any color if the fabric is a heavy weight. The silhouette and the cut of an item will determine if the item makes you appear smaller.

What’s Black, White, and Red All Over? Print!!

I know some people shy away from prints because they fear the print will make them appear larger than they really are. I have even had friends tell me that they won’t wear floral prints because they will look like a garden. I remember thinking but aren’t gardens beautiful? The wrong print can do you an injustice and the wrong print isn’t a specific print it is the direction of which the print goes or the size of the print. I’ve worn stripes. polka dots, checks, and florals. You name it I’ve worn it, some prints are intentional and silhouette the body. New adventures and clothes have something in common you won’t know until you TRY!!

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Let’s Take A Daycation! The Perfect Picnic



Don’t allow a lack of time or funds stop you from enjoying your summer. Take a daycation and relieve your work week stress. Nothing puts me more at ease than a great picnic with friends. Instead of going to the usual gathering place pick a new venue, pull out the cooler, and pack your picnic basket full of goodies.

The Perfect Get Away




I actually found the perfect getaway right outside of Cincinnati at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park. Located in Hamilton, Ohio just far away enough to feel like I left town. Pyramid Hill is an outdoor museum focusing on monumental pieces of sculpture in an environment of meadows, forests, and various gardens. The beautiful art and wide open spaces were the perfect backdrop for a picnic with friends.

Get Real Martha!


I love my adorable wicker picnic basket (on sale here) it’s Pinterest worthy but in all reality, it won’t keep anything cool. For a picnic for more than two  I always bring a cooler (similar here) in addition to my cute basket because nobody wants to eat warm potato salad. I pack a tablecloth, serving ware, napkins, and anything that is not temperature sensitive in my basket.

I’ve seen great photographs of picnics styled with real plates and ceramic serving dishes. It looks fantastic but ain’t nobody got time for that stick with light reusable food containers. You can be even more resourceful when packing a salad, clean the lettuce and assemble your pre-cut vegetables in the same plastic container the salad is sold in. That way once the salad is gone you can also throw out the container and pack up your things with one less container to take home. Keep in mind that whatever you pack, you also have to carry.


Making sandwiches? Toast your bread at home and stick it back in the bread bag and you will have a load of toasted bread. You can assemble your sandwiches at the picnic and your sandwich won’t be soggy.


How many barbeques have you been to this summer? Switch up your picnic options with light fun bites my Italian Potato Salad is perfect for a hot summer day!

Mayo-less Italian Potato Salad


1/2 lb pancetta 1/2 Pound of red russet potatoes

1/2 Pound of red russet potatoes

1 small jar of roasted red peppers

1/3 cup diced red onion

1/2 cup Italian Salad Dressing

1/4 cup of cut basil

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

3 teaspoons of salt

In a stock pot, salt the water and boil the red potatoes until fork tender. Drain the water and allow the potatoes to slightly cool (cool enough to handle but still very warm). Cut the potatoes into small cubes. Place the warm potatoes, diced red onion,  and 1/2 cup Italian salad dressing in a container with a lid and place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours or overnight.

In a pan fry the pancetta until browned on both sides, place on paper towel, and allow to  cool.  Drain the roasted red peppers and dice into small pieces.

Drain the roasted red peppers and dice into small pieces.

Crush the pancetta into small pieces

Mix the pancetta, roasted red peppers, potatoes, and salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle the basil and parmesan cheese on top for garnish.


If you have been in search for the perfect picnic basket here are few of my recommendations:

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Style Sunday | Style Inspiration


Whenever I get dressed I get into character. I get my inspiration from films, magazines, actresses. Believe it or not, my sense of imagination helps me get dressed all the time. Getting dressed is my happy place and since it’s so much fun seeing a great outfit on a shape that’s smaller than mine is not intimidating, nope, my size isn’t a factor. My source of inspiration doesn’t have to wear a size 16, my inspiration only needs to be fabulous. I can play, I can pretend, my size will not affect my sense of play.

This look is inspired by Carmen Jones the movement in the wide leg cropped pants just felt flirtatious and sassy much like Dorothy Dandridge in the movie.



Top: SimplyBe, Crop Pants: SimplyBe, Shoes: Aldo

Hell, my clothes are my toys. Men buy sports cars and I buy outfits. If clothes are the food of life wear them well! Real style has no size so if you see something you would like to wear don’t make an excuse on why you can’t wear it. A color won’t make you look fat, a silhouette can be altered to compliment your shape. don’t be fooled you can wear what you want to wear.

Don’t Be Afraid To Play

Untitled design (6)Untitled design (7)

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The Perfect Outfit for the Office

Cheaters always prosper or at least they do when it comes to what to wear to the office. I have managed to wear a dress in the office almost every day. I make the most out of my wardrobe so the dresses I wear for play also need to have a dual function so I can wear them to work. When I am short on time in the morning I throw on a dress and pair it with a jacket (sometimes I keep a blazer or a blue jean jacket in my car, just in case.) Adding a blazer is the perfect cheat it makes everything look more professional.

If you are looking for a new job this summer getting dressed can be a challenge. It’s too hot to look stuffy and traditional suiting actually looks aged. Especially when you stand a chance of being more dressed up than the person interviewing you. Don’t underdressed just keep in mind that a maxi dress will always look too relaxed and just say no to anything sheer. Here is the formula one traditional piece plus one relaxed item plus tailored details equals success. If you wear a flowy midi-length skirt I would pair that with a collared shirt with a belt and a closed toed shoe.


Too Hot For Business


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The Barbecue Rules of Engagement


Whether you are hosting your own cookout or you are attending someone else’s there is something you want more than food this holiday weekend. Independence Day feels so casual and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with friends, meet your new boyfriend’s parents, or vacation for the long weekend. I know what you want and it is to show up looking “crisp”that effortlessly chic look that says. “I just threw this on.” You could just put on some cutoffs and a wrinkled t-shirt or you can take an extra five minutes to enhance your casual look and leave everyone mesmerized at how casually fine you are.

Don’t Go Overboard


Don’t turn yourself into the American flag! I know it’s tempting but remember that teacher who always had a sweater to match every holiday that is the type of vibe you will give if you wear the American flag from head to toe. Do play with red, white, and blue it is a classic color scheme that always works. Notice how in this look my dress has red and white stripes and I accented the look by pairing it with blue sandals. Even if you go with a monochromatic look and wear one color from head toe you can still accessorize with red or blue.

Just as Cute in Flats


Yes, girl, you are just as cute in flats. If you know for sure that you will be in someone’s backyard or in a park don’t be the one woman wearing stilettos. You will just ruin the heels on your sexy shoes and you will look pretentious. Save the heels for the after party or a the very least wear a wedge.

The 25th Amendment


The month of July marks the beginning of the 25th Amendment, where you can legally wear beach wear as street wear. A) because it’s hot! B) How do you know that I’m not going to a pool party? The answer to B is, you don’t. I think a swimsuit coverup or a beach dress can easily pass for street wear. I am however conscientious of how a sheer an item is because some things are more appropriate when you are standing next to a body of water.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!

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