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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSince I have begun sharing my personal style with the world wide web the one comment that has perplexed me most is, “that looks great, on you.” After I read that sentiment I sit staring at my laptop thinking it doesn’t just look good on me it could look good on you too! Especially if the comment is referring to wearing a print or a bright color. When I planned to talk about swimwear, I prepared myself for the “that looks great, on you!”


Looking Good Is a State of Mind

I think confidence can easily be mistaken for being conceited. My body confidence comes from knowing the power of my body. My body has walked miles, given birth to my daughter, it’s been injured, it’s healed, my body is getting me through life. I refuse to be ashamed of it because it doesn’t look like what society says it should look like.

Lately, I have read several articles about clothes that flatter. There is a whole anti-flattering movement happening, am I the only person confused? Do I keep wondering, why would someone want to wear something that isn’t flattering? I recently began to understand the whole issue about flattery. I feel most confident when I’m wearing shapewear or if I’m wearing something that gives the appearance looking slimmer. I basically want every swimsuit I own to have shapewear built into it.



I’ve owned this swimsuit for a while now, and I’ve just never worn it, it’s not “slimming.” It didn’t guarantee that I would look 10 pounds slimmer. I bought it because I liked the details and the color of the swimsuit. Sometimes you just want to wear something because you like it and not because it creates the illusion of being thinner. Let’s be real my body is there whether I have on shapewear or not. Here’s another reality if you are hiding behind clothes or swimsuits that say, don’t notice me, we can still see you. Now that you have our attention what do you want to say?

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