Style Sunday | My Wardrobe Secret


The weather is beautiful, there is something to do every night of the week and every time you turn around another one of your friends is getting married. I get anxious with every new invitation because after the excitement wears off I’m left wondering, “What am I going to wear?”

This summer I will be the BDG (Best Dressed Guest) at every function. I’m sharing my summer secret… It’s Gwynnie Bee.

Gwynnie Bee is at my service and all of my “what to wear” fears have gone away. Gwynnie Bee is a plus size clothing rental service. I get to try the latest designer plus brands without the commitment. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the clothes after you wear them Gwynnie Bee dry cleans everything after you return your items. Everything is shipped two-day by USPS. When I’m ready, I just send the items back in my prepaid postage bag, and Gwynnie Bee sends me another item from my online closet. It’s like Netflix for clothes, and I’m addicted!!!

Both of these dresses can be found on Gwynnie Bee. I have a special offer for all of my Oh Wize One readers click here and try Gwynnie Bee for yourself  for FREE!!

Gwynnie Bee Unboxing



Aww wasn’t that nice they included a sample 🙂


If you fall in love with an item don’t worry you can purchase the items from Gwynnie Bee at a discounted price!






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  1. I may try them again. I didn’t find a lot when I tried them out last year, but I will agree that the quality of the clothes is excellent! I may give them a second look because of this post! 😂


    1. I admit a year ago I didn’t find a lot. I really think their options are improving I recently tried them for my birthday and loved it!! They have more pieces from City Chic which is a plus brand I’ve been dying to try, but they are on the pricey end. I also like the Size Advise on the site. I’d say give it a second chance if no other reason to try the higher end brands and test out their sizing know you can send it back. 🙂


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