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I know what you’re thinking, in this picture I’m clearly not at a food festival, right. I was super paranoid about my dress getting wrinkled, so I took a few outfit pictures before I left for The Taste of Cincinnati. At the beginning of International Laura Wize Week, I said that all I wanted to do was being surrounded by art and eat good. Monday was dedicated to eating yummy food at The Taste of Cincinnati. I tried so many delicious bites here a few of my favorites:

What I wore:

I found this sexy day dress at Torrid. In the summer, I see a sea of beautiful maxi dresses and to stand out I picked classic cut in a vibrant color. Also on hot summer days, it’s nice to wear a dress that shapewear is optional and not a requirement. I adore this dress, and if you’re thinking about ordering it, I would recommend a strapless bra with a deep plunge in the front.


SAM_2766 (2).JPG

Where I went:

Washington Platform

Washington Platform is the stand I stop by every year I can’t say no to their fried oysters and their crab cakes.



Empanadas Aqui

Food truck alley is really the place to be at The Taste of Cincinnati. Empanadas Aqui never disappoints. Fried dough and yummy cheese with their herbed mayo with just a little hot sauce is all I need to keep a smile one my face.



Alabama Fish Bar

Alabama’s is Cincinnati classic the real questions is when did they get a food truck!!




Of course after all of my paranoia my dress didn’t wrinkle…

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