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The random happiness that friendship brings is priceless. Sisterhood strengthens my everyday existence, and I don’t know where my life would be without it. Life has its ups and downs, and  I can’t believe that at every turn there are beautiful black women to lift me higher, encourage me and correct me when I’m wrong.

So often we look to the world to show us ourselves, and we get disappointed that the reflections are inaccurate. When I look at my sister circle, I realize that we are all different, and we all have our own unique style. We have depth and diversity, and we don’t have cookie cutter experiences on how we got to where we are. Every International Laura Wize Week I line all my friends up for our infamous picture so that I could capture the moment,this year was no different.

What I wore:


I wore my white shirt dress from Fashion to Figure. Often times I will feature a look on the blog but haven’t actually worn it out, so this is what I like to call a “real wear”. This dress speaks for itself but one of my personal styling tips is when you wear a white outfit go for a fun color shoe it breaks up the white and gives your look some sass.

Where I went:

Myrtle’s Punch House!!!! Myrtle’s Punch house is an entire sentence they serve an assortment of acholic punches  that are infused with green teas, fresh herbs, and quality spirits. They serve the punch in a bowl and offer you a few cute punch glasses. It’s like your house party punch from high school graduated from culinary school.

Myrtle’s now offers small bites that were curated by Melt Eclectic Cafe… everything is delicious!!






Head of to Myrtle’s for a few bowls of punch with friends, a good time will be had by all.

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