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Every year International Laura Wize Week has a  theme and this year the theme is art.  Wealthy people always say that they are supporting the arts, and that is exactly what I plan to do this ILWW. I am going to every art museum, exhibit, and adult finger painting class I can find. In your twenties, pre-gaming is drinking before you go out to a club. In your thirties, pre-gaming is a few glasses of wine and going to the theater on a Wednesday night. (Which was way more hopping than one would expect, it was a full house).

baddatesPicture Credit: Cincinnati Play House in the Park

I saw the poster for the play Bad Dates a few moths ago and instantly knew that it was something I did not want to miss. Actress Vivica Font is the star of a one-woman show about a single mom who reenters the dating scene. The play is witty and down right funny it hit a little too close to home on a more than one occasion. Bad Dates is playing from now until June 12th at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

What I wore:

So I had planned to wear something totally different when it dawned on me that I may not have time to change after work. The upside to Cincinnati is you can always go upscale casual. Upscale casual means your clothes are ironed, and you’re well put together. I plan to wear this Ava & Viv dress from Target all the time; It’s a life saver because it’s  comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle it’s perfect for all-day wear. It’s ironic that this dress is a life saver because I bought it because I thought it made me look like a pack of Lifesavers, you know in a sexy kind of way, LOL!

What are your thoughts about adult pre-gaming? Are you here for it?





OMG, this wall at the play was everything! There were some pretty bad pick up lines on that wall!!

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